I was flying out of Gatwick at 11am but beng a northerner I had to travel up the night before as I didn’t want to have the stress of the train being delay or something out of my control happening before I flew.  So I opted for the stop over the night before, which like a lot of other people isn’t always the best option as I stuggle to sleep anywhere else other than my own bed.

Ibis London Gatwick

Ibis London Gatwick

But needs must so I stayed at the Ibis at Gatwick which was great very convent to get to as Gatwick have a shuttle services which takes you to all the local hotels for the cost of £3, the driver shouts out the name of your hotel so you know when to get off.  Pick up is at the same spot as your dropped off as they drive in a loop, One thing I would say I was told its about a 15 minute trip, well that’s not the case. 

I arrived at the hotel about 8pm at night, I was welcomed by the receiption staff who told me breakfast was included, what time it was served and showed me were it would be served, which was in a segmented area off reception.

I decided to order a drink at the bar and take it up to my room.  In the room were the normal tea and coffee facilities a tv and internet, the bathroom was small with a shower in it but that’s all you need for a one night sleep over.  The bed was comfortable and nice and clean with firm pillows which I quite like.  Some of the budget hotels have paper thin walls and everyone going up and down the corridor you can hear - well unless there was no one near me, noise wasn’t an issue at all.

Ibis Hotel bedroom London Gatwick
Ibis Hotel bedroom London Gatwick

I slept well and after a nice shower when I got up I dressed and went down for breakfast, you had a choice of juices, tea and coffee, a selection of pasteries and cereal or the full English which of course I had to have. The breakfast was really good.  I did see the arrivals and departure board in the hotel reception which I thought was an added bonus because you could see if your flight was on time or delayed. 

I am always one to be early so I was meeting my friends at 9am at the north terminal and was told the bus would get me there in about 15 mins but it doesn’t, because where it picked us up from we still needed to pick up from other another hotel which was probably about 10 minutes away, and then you have to do the loop back to the airport so my bus picked me up at 8.20 and I never got to the north terminal until 9pm so something to note if your doing the same.

 So points about the hotel are:

The rooms and bathroom are small but fine for a single night, mine was nice and quiet. Breakfast was really nice.

So yes I would recommend using an Ibis and I would definately stay again, they are  so convinient for the airport and you have a shuttle bus for just £3 

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