A UK staycation venue

A UK staycation venue

According to a survey on behalf of cottages4you the staycation is now a firm favourite among British families and these days four out of five os us consider staying in the UK for a holiday.

Nick Rudge managing director at cottages4you said: “There are plenty of reasons why a holiday at home appeals to us and with so many different locations in such a small area; it’s easy to keep exploring new places. Although a quarter of us believe the UK has everything you need for a holiday whatever the weather, 17 per cent of respondents said the high temperatures this summer had made them more likely to stay in the UK.”

Many would think that this year’s British celebrations were the reason behind the popularity of the staycation but the research showed that only 68 per cent claimed that the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee changed their opinion of the UK.

The poll showed that the most popular reason for staying in the UK for a holiday was its affordability as 43 per cent gave this reason. 41 per cent said their reason for opting for a staycation was because they had a desire to explore the British countryside.

Cornwall has been crowned the UK’s favourite holiday destination closely followed by the Lake District and Scotland. Surprisingly London came seventh in the poll with only one in ten planning to take a break there next year.

So if you’re looking to save on the pounds before the New Year why not opt to stay in the UK and head to one of the popular destinations. From the Yorkshire Dales to Blackpool you can find something to suit the whole family. 

Jessica Lindley - Female First 

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