ROBINSON INSULTS LIVERPUDLIANSBritish TV presenter ANNE ROBINSON has infuriated residents of Liverpool by describing the inhabitants of the English city as gamblers and thieves.THE WEAKEST LINK host, dubbed the QUEEN OF MEAN, caused a furore in 2001 when she slammed the Welsh on BBC programme ROOM 101, saying, "I've never taken to the Welsh. They're irritating and annoying. What are they for?"And now Robinson has unleashed her wrath on the northern English city, the birthplace of THE BEATLES, KIM CATTRALL. SPICE GIRL MELANIE CHISHOLM, GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD and CILLA BLACK.During a recent episode of The Weakest Link, Robinson asked Liverpudlian maths teacher LISA FOSTER, if shoplifting was taught in schools, adding, "How come they do it so well then? "Maths will be very useful for them so they can fill out betting slips."

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