It’s official. Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why will be making its return to the streaming service at some point next year for a second season, following its official renewal which was announced earlier today (May 7).

Christian Navarro as Tony in 13 Reasons Why / Credit: Netflix

Christian Navarro as Tony in 13 Reasons Why / Credit: Netflix

Actor Christian Navarro, who plays Tony in the show announced the news on his Instagram account, telling fans that they could keep up with the story when it made its return next year.

The announcement however comes in the midst of huge controversy surrounding the show, most notably whilst many professionals in the mental health and suicide awareness industries have blasted it for showing graphic scenes where the act of suicide takes place on screen.

It’s a harrowing watch, but one that many believe is a worthwhile one so that youngsters are aware that their actions can have huge consequences on someone’s mental state.

Whether you’re for or against the show, production on a second season is going ahead and will continue to follow those who appeared in the first season, as they deal with the repercussions of Hannah Baker’s suicide, and the cassette tapes she left behind.

A completely blank slate is available for showrunners now however. The first season was based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, which it followed very closely, but now they have free rein to do whatever they like.

Whichever direction showrunners decide to go in, we’re sure the controversy will be right beside the series every step of the way.

13 Reasons Why season 1 is available now on Netflix.

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