Luke Campbell is going to recreate the lift from 'Dirty Dancing' in his 'Dancing On Ice' routine this Sunday (09.02.13).

The Olympic boxer and his skating partner Jenna Smith will be performing a Valentine's Day inspired routine and the highlight is going to be a recreation of the film's iconic dance when Patrick Swayze hoists Jennifer Grey above his head.

However, Luke has been struggling to get Jenna above his head because he has injured his wrist in rehearsals.

Speaking at the 'A Good Day To Die Hard' premiere in London on Thursday night (07.02.13), Luke told BANG Showbiz: "There's a massive lift in this week's routine, it's the lift from 'Dirty Dancing'. But I've really hurt my wrist this week, so it's going to be difficult to do it. There's a lot of other little lifts and some very tricky steps.

"It's going well, but it's tough. This routine is the hardest routine so far, I've got to really work hard, it's going to be a challenge this weekend."

The 25-year-old boxer has also been struggling to act romantic with Jenna during the routine because she is just his friend.

Luke - who was accompanied to the premiere by his fiancée, stunning model Lynsey Kraanen - said: "I'm supposed to be really romantic because that's the theme, but it's quite difficult to act romantic with another woman when the feelings aren't there."

Other stars at the glitzy event included 'Dancing On Ice' judge Ashley Roberts, Amy Childs, Amelia Lily and 'A Good Day To Die Hard' actor Bruce Willis.