Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge is "very, very sad" about the death of Geoffrey Hughes last week.

The 83-year-old actress played stuffy Hyacinth Bucket in TV series 'Keeping Up Appearances' alongside Geoffrey - who died of prostate cancer on Friday (27.07.12) - and she has proclaimed him a "true professional" actor who always did his job well.

She said: "I felt very, very sad. He was a most lovable man, just delightful and great fun to work with.

"He had a tremendous battle with the dreaded disease and I spoke to him a couple of times and he was positive and courageous. He did try to beat it and there were times when he did beat it over the last few years but it finally won.

"He was just wonderful to have around. He never made a fuss and just got on with the work. He was a true professional."

Geoffrey - who was also famous for playing Eddie Yeats in 'Coronation Street' and Vernon Scripps in 'Heartbeat' - was first diagnosed with the disease in 1996 before going into remission after surgery.

However, the disease returned and he suffered a stroke, causing him to lose mobility.

Judy Cornwell, who played his wife Daisy in 'Keeping Up Appearances' added although the death was a shock, it was not a "surprise".

She added: "He suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and lost mobility so he was in a wheelchair for some time. I knew he had been very ill so although his death came as a shock it was not a surprise."

Geoffrey is survived by his wife Sue.

  1. by Sunny Williams 30th Jul 2012 21:46

    Oh what a sad day it is, Geoffrey Hughes was ADORABLE!!! I loved him so, he is the type of guy I would love to have in my life, English, abit chubby and so full of love, I will miss hi... Read More

  2. by Lynne 31st Jul 2012 13:37

    I am saddened to hear of Geoffrey Hughes' death. He was so funny as Onslow, and his "Oh, nice!" comeback will always be remembered. "Keeping Up Appearances" was a wonderful series and I love every episode.

  3. by Amanda Denson 31st Jul 2012 15:05

    So sad to hear that Onslow has deid, he was great in all of his acting rolls, but to me he will always be Onslow, I loved him very much R.I.P

  4. by susan kampmeyer 01st Aug 2012 03:31

    We were so sorry to hear about Onslow. Always enjoyed watching his acting on Appearances.. And how he used to refer to Daisy as getting broody when she was getting romantic. What a lau... Read More

  5. by Eleanor 01st Aug 2012 19:22

    So sorry to hear about the death of Geoffrey Hughes. His passing has left a large hole in the acting world. He will be missed.

  6. by Martha 04th Aug 2012 13:45

    Very sad to hear, so young! 68! just a baby. Hope you are sitting in your favorite chair eating crisps and drinking a beer!

  7. by Faye 04th Aug 2012 14:05

    I grew up watching geoffrey as onslow in KUA, one of my favorite characters and shows. I was so sad to hear of his passing. RIP lovely man you will be missed xxx

  8. by Cordetta Wiseman 14th Sep 2012 00:52

    I was just watching a few episods of KUA when i decided to" google" Geoffrey.This has come as such a shock.RIP Onslow

  9. by John 23rd Sep 2012 02:17

    It's very sad to find that your favorite actors/actresses have passed on. Mr. Hughes played his roles to perfection. The cast of Keeping Up Appearances was so beautifully chosen. It was... Read More

  10. by Barbara Sayler 24th Sep 2012 00:52

    I loved Geoffrey. I can watch these people..Hyacinth and all of them over and over. They are a group of one of a kind.

  11. by Donnie pace 27th Nov 2012 02:46

    I am sorry for the loss of this very funny Man I say it like that because I am sure in real life outside of the spotlight Geoffrey was a real comical person and a delight to be around I have taken care of my mother for 13 years and have the complete Keeping up series my mom and I found so much laughter and good times watching these the only sad thing is when you have them handy we watches 1 after the other I want to also add without a single one of these actors the series would not have been as good even though Patricia is the main star I want to leave in saying Thanks for a Great Show.... R.I.P. Mr. Hughes.

  12. by Joan Stringer 10th Dec 2012 08:53

    I just watched Keeping Up Appearances and Googled patricia Routledge. I was stunned to see the news of Geoffrey Hughes' death. So sad! He was so funny as Onslow. My whole family loved him on the show. RIP Geoffrey!

  13. by Maria Ann Smith 10th Feb 2013 02:19

    Oh how I adored Geoffrey Hughes in Keeping Up Appearances as well as Judy who played his wife. What a loss! How sad. Rest with the angels Geoffrey.

  14. by James hay 24th Feb 2013 17:58

    I Was Very Saddened To Hear Of Mr Hughes Passing Who I've Enjoyed Watching On My Television Here in The States. He Was Such An Great Actor And An Man With An Gigantic Heart. Will Be Sorely Missed By All Of His Loyal Fans Around The World. Rest In Eternal Peace Mr Hughes.

  15. by agatha 10th May 2013 19:19

    Loved "Keeping Up App", we still get the
    re-runs here in them all..
    was shocked to hear of Geoffrey's death..same age as me...what a wonderful,natural actor! u too.

  16. by Pat Hartley 14th Sep 2013 00:52

    I watch the show everyday and laugh so hard with every one! Thank all of you for the laughter you bring to us! It feels so great to leave our lives and join the cast in their rolls for a quick pick me up! Life is stressful for everyone now and laughter is the best medicine. My ribs are so sore but in a good way! Love all of you<3

  17. by Shane Smith 11th Nov 2013 05:10

    I watch the all episodes every night on you tube, my favourite sitcom as a child and being a adult i enjoy it even more.

  18. by Joseph 01st Feb 2014 21:18

    Whenever I meet someone from the Brit. Isles, I always ask them if they might now my friend Richard Bucket. They usually reply that they do not. Then I ask them if they might know his wife who is very well known in high social circles. They still reply in the negative until I mention her name Hyacinth. They immediately reply: "Oh the Bucket Woman!" Isn't it interesting the Clive Swift who has been in all the KUA is not recognized? Yet he as well as all the others were so much an integral part of the KUA. How could one not love all these characters. Geoffrey and Mary are sadly missed. And my whole Cdn. family would love to see another remake with those who are still left.

  19. by Ronald Porcke-wms 12th Mar 2014 06:36

    I totally agree with this statement; it spoke clearly my heartfelt thoughts as well.
    Best Regards, Ronald Porcke-wms

  20. by Betty 02nd May 2014 20:49

    I love this show wish they could make more. always watch the reruns over and over.

  21. by Kat Had 04th Apr 2015 23:51

    I just looked him up too, watching an episode of Keeping up for the millionth time