Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

'Blackadder' is returning to TV.

Rowan Atkinson has revealed on twitter that he is returning for a final episode of the BBC One historical comedy alongside a number of the original cast members.

He wrote: "One can share that there may be a blackadder reunion, what do you all think about that?"

In response to one fan who wrote "amazing! On two conditions: 1. It has to be all of you. 2. It has to be funny!" Rowan replied "And funny it shall be!"

He later added: "The return of Blackadder will be cunning and exquisite.

"I can confirm, there will be one last episode of Blackadder, a reunion."

The series - which ran for four seasons - starred Rowan as anti-hero Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson as his dogsbody, Baldrick. Each series was set in a different historical period with the two protagonists accompanied by different characters.

Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Amanda Richardson have all appeared in the show.

Rowan wrote the first series with Richard Curtis who went on to write the subsequent episodes with Ben Elton.

  1. by James 04th Aug 2012 16:04

    Had no idea that the account was real!

  2. by Mad Gerald 04th Aug 2012 18:33

    You really must check your facts before you print articles like this. The Rowan Atkinson account is fake, and so is the Blackadder reunion story.

    If you knew anything about Ro... Read More

  3. by Jo-Anne 04th Aug 2012 19:22

    The Rowan Atkinson account on Twitter hasn't been verified. I'd be leery of calling this one a done deal just yet, especially since you are the only ones "reporting" it. Maybe put it ou... Read More

  4. by Rich Johnston 04th Aug 2012 19:45

    This story is not true. Just thought you'd like to know. Rowan Atkinson has said no such thing.

  5. by Tim 04th Aug 2012 20:20

    Sorry to say - fake twitter account ;)

  6. by Victoria 05th Aug 2012 11:32

    And the fact that Rowan Atkinson doesn't even have a Twitter should be ignored yes?

  7. by Heather 05th Aug 2012 12:32

    Richard Curtis has said the story is nonsense and comes from a hoax from soneone claiming to be Atkinson on Twitter.

    As Rowan Atkinson is an extremely privater person, how anyone cou... Read More