Tim Vine

Tim Vine

Tim Vine once turned down an offer to do 'Dancing on Ice'.

The 45-year-old comedian - who is to star in 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief' - refused to take part in the ITV talent show because he was worried about injuring his tall frame, but he would happily appear on a similar type of programme which isn't as dangerous.

He said: "I got a call from 'Dancing on Ice', but I said no. I'm 6ft 2ins - if I fall over, things are going to break. I don't want to do anything on ice. I said, 'If they come up with a show called 'Dancing on Cushions', come back to me.' "

Tim was the fourth contestant voted out in a celebrity edition of 'Comic Relief Does Fame Academy' in 2007, and admits he would much rather sing on a talent show than show off his moves on the dance floor.

He added to Nuts magazine: "I'd rather sing. You only have one thing to remember - the words. Dancing, there are four things were there. I couldn't remember my limbs!"

Red Nose Day - the main way in which Comic Relief raises money - takes place on March 15th, 2013.

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