Vernon Kay thinks 'Splash!' has finally found its feet.

The ITV show - which sees Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley teach celebrities how to dive - was criticised when it first aired, but co-host Vernon insists it is improving each week and is pleased it's so talked about.

Vernon - who presents the show alongside Gabby Logan - said: "It's good, it's that kind of watercooler moment and I think that's what you want for a prime time ITV show is everyone talking about it - good or bad. I think the first show, there were some technical issues and then we found our feet and now we are peaking at over six and a half million viewers."

Vernon loves being part of the show but admits he gets very nervous whenever a celebrity takes to the diving board.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', he said: "I am nervous when they are diving, yes! ... When you get on that 10-metre board, I was sat up there doing a link speaking to the camera that goes across the top, and I looked down before I started and I got the knee shakes! It was high up."