Carol Vorderman has been voted off 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'.

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman

The 'Countdown' host has become the fifth celebrity to be eliminated from the jungle after losing out in the public vote.

Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec after her exit, she said: "It was a lot nicer than I expected because everybody was a team. I've watched it for years and there's always been one who has been a niggler and there's been arguments. It's been completely different this year from what I remember.

"I've really loved it and particularly all the youngsters because they're like the age of my daughter - Scarlett, Jordan, Sam and Adam. I've looked on them - because my daughter's 24 - in [a maternal] kind of way. They give messages out like - you can be kind, you can be good."

And whilst fellow campmate Martin Roberts didn't get on well with everybody in the jungle, the 55-year-old television personality admits she was "very fond" of him.

She added: "I'm very fond of Martin. He had a really bad first day; he was being a bit pompous and I think that's because he didn't know what he was coming into. He's not really a showbiz person; he does 'Homes Under The Hammer' separately and he doesn't get involved in the whole celebrity circuit. I had chats with him to explain things to him nicely but firmly. If you say it nicely, rather than avoiding the subject and then praising him when he was doing really well."

However, Carol is rooting for Olympian Sam Quek to win the show.

Speaking about the sportswoman, she shared: "I love Sam; she's very straight forward. To her, it's very important that she is representing hockey because she's not a well known personality yet and so again for her, it's important that the right messages come out."

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