Chanelle McCleary gave up £400 of the 'Big Brother' prize fund to have sex with her boyfriend.

Chanelle McCleary

Chanelle McCleary

The former 'Ex on the Beach' star was called into the Diary Room during Monday night's (17.07.17) show, where she was asked to decide if she wanted to forego a piece of the £100,000 prize fund for a night of passion with her beau of five months, Jake.

She was told: "Your boyfriend Jake is currently in Big Brother's boudoir, awaiting your arrival. He has high hopes you will join him for a sleep over. Choosing to spend the night with Jake comes at a cost. If you decide to spend the night with Jake, £400 will be taken from your team's pot."

And Chanelle didn't even have to think about her answer.

She said: "I wanna go. Do we get Prosecco? I'm doing it. There's no questions asked. I'm going."

Chanelle then headed into the pink boudoir where she got intimate with her boyfriend on a bed decorated with rose petals.

Elsewhere on the show, Isabelle Warburton gave up £150 of the prize money to get a phone call from the outside whilst all of the contestants took part in a game where they tried to win back a huge portion of the prize fund that had been taken away from them by Big Brother.

The task, called The Steal, is formed by a number of challenges spread out across the week, culminating in a huge twist.

Big Brother warned them: "All friendships made in the house so far must be put to one side - your only focus for now is to earn back the money for your team."

However, what the group don't know yet is that one housemate will be walking away with money everyone has tried to save.

The prize fund had already been reduced from £100,000 to £85,000 after the last remaining second chance housemate was told they would take home £15,000 if they outlasted all the others.