The Valleys star Jenna Jonathan

The Valleys star Jenna Jonathan

The Valleys' Jenna Jonathan found having sex on TV "embarrassing".

The reality TV star - who was caught in a steamy moment with co-star Leeroy in the first MTV series - admits that watching the clandestine scene back left her red-faced as her mother and grandmother were watching.

She said: "Watching yourself have sex on telly is so embarrassing, especially when your mum and nan are watching.

"My nan rang me up and was like, 'Jenna, do not have sex.' My mum was like, 'You've done it once, do not do it again.' "

However, Jenna's co-star Nicole Morris isn't shy about getting nude on camera - but only from the waist down because she is self-conscious about her small breasts.

She added to heat magazine: "I'll always get my knickers off because I like my bum, but I'd never take off my bra. No one will ever see my boobs because I haven't got any.

"I feel like I need to be skinnier and I want a boob job 10 times more now. That's my dream. Since I was born, I've always wanted a boob job."