Jeremy Clarkson will be "out of action" for "quite some time".

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

The 57-year-old presenter was rushed to hospital on Friday (04.08.17) while holidaying in Majorca after contracting pneumonia and he admits it is "really, really annoying" that he'll be unable to resume his working commitments for the foreseeable future.

He wrote on his Drive Tribe website: "Thanks for all the good wishes. And to keep you up to date, I'll be out of action for quite some time apparently. It's really really annoying because I've never had one day off work since I started in 1978."

The 'Grand Tour' star also poked fun at his condition and the depleted presenting team of the motoring show as co-host Richard Hammond is still recovering after a crash in June.

He shared a picture of third presenter James May, with his hair standing on end, and wrote on his Instagram account: "The only functioning member of the Grand Tour team right now. God help us.(sic)"

Richard also poked fun at his friend on social media.

He shared a link to Jeremy's Drive Tribe post and wrote: "Wow. I didn't know he had a job."

It was previously revealed the presenter's friends are concerned about his health following his hospitalisation.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "He's told friends not to expect to hear too much from him over the next few weeks which is very unlike him, and obviously his family are concerned.

"Inevitably people close to him are saying it's time to think about the way he looks after himself - cutting back on the booze and fags - but he's never been one to take that sort of guidance on board."

Jeremy previously revealed that he suffered a cancer scare in 2015, two days before he assaulted a BBC 'Top Gear' producer.

He said: "Two days before the 'fracas', I had been told, sternly, by my doctor that the lump on my tongue was probably cancer and that I must get it checked out immediately. But I couldn't do that.

"We were in the middle of a 'Top Gear' series. And 'Top Gear' always came first.

"That was the most stressful day I have ever had in 27 years at the BBC.

"It was beyond-belief stressful, everything was going wrong, and then you know... there you go. But everyone has stressful days, and they manage to cope better than I had."