Jonathan and Charlotte

Jonathan and Charlotte

Jonathan Antoine - star of 'Britain's Got Talent' has revealed he cut his stomach after he was dumped by a girlfriend who also self-harmed.

While with the ex, he has said he tried to hide her habit from his mother, before he started to do the same following their split.

He told the Sunday People newspaper: "She was all I thought about. She moved to another school and then later moved out of the area. I got a phone call from her saying we were over.

"That was it. She hated me. It all ended in a phone call. I lost it. I told mum and then went upstairs. I removed a blade from a sharpener and cut up my torso ... My mum walked in and just went into a meltdown."

The revelation has even come as a shock to his singing partner Charlotte, 18, who admitted she never knew the extent of his pain.

She said: "I knew he'd gone through something bad but we've never spoken about it."

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