Linda Nolan is inspired by her late sister Bernie as she continues her difficult battle with cancer.

Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan

The 58-year-old singer - who previously suffered from breast cancer, which claimed the life of her sibling - was diagnosed with an incurable form of the illness earlier this year, and has admitted she regularly visits Bernie's headstone to have a chat.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (14.09.17), she said: "I always hear Bernie in my head going 'Come on, you silly child, get out of bed, sort yourself out'.

"She was an absolute inspiration to all of us ... We knew she was this feisty little thing, the last person standing at the party, and when she went through this, she was exactly the same.

"She was better at it than me, I think. But I have drawn a lot from her ... Sometimes I go up and talk to her in the cemetery."

The brave star admitted it's extremely hard battling the illness and "wouldn't wish it" on her "worst enemy."

She said: "It's a scary place to be. I am alright, but there's a bit of me that isn't, really."

Linda recently admitted she tried to kill herself when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

On top of battling breast cancer for five years from 2006, her husband Brian Hudson died in 2007, and she didn't think she could go on without him and just wanted to be reunited with him in heaven.

She admitted: "It's kind of ironic that seven years ago, there was a time when I was suicidal, and wanted to die, and wanted to be with Brian and did consider taking my own life.

"Thankfully I got help. There is something else after grief and depression."

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