Love Island's Jess Shears has hinted she regrets having sex with Dom Lever.

Love Island's Jess and Dom

Love Island's Jess and Dom

The 24-year-old model and the careers advisor, 26, were the first couple of this year's series to get hot under the sheets but Jess has appeared to hint she wished she didn't go all the way with the hunk.

Speaking to her friend Olivia, Jess said: "Last night, he goes to me, 'Take these off,' and I was like, 'Why?' He was like, 'I like you better when you're naked'. It literally felt like when you're dating someone and then you say you're not going to have sex with them tonight and they're like, 'Fine, I'm going to go home.'

"It just brings up my own self confidence problems. I think that's why I make myself such a big character. I'm so worried about being the pretty girl who has no personality. Now he's had it, he thinks it's on tap and he think it's his to have and it's not ... [Dom will] say he's not bothered if Mike speaks to me, but realistically, I think he is a bit bothered. Mike is very, very, very attractive."

And in a frank chat with newcomer Mike Thalassitis, Jess admitted she would have gone for the semi-professional footballer if she was single but wanted to give Dom another chance.

She said: "I would have on paper gone for you," before adding: "I said to Dom I'd give him a chance until he messes up basically. We had a fall out last night and I think he does know there's someone else in here that I would [be interested in]. Things change I've only been here a week and a bit."

Whilst Mike admitted: "Looks-wise it would be you, I'll be honest. That's kind of why I wanted to talk to you now and just see if we would clash."