Michelle Niziol is the first contestant to be fired on 'The Apprentice'.

Michelle Niziol 'The Apprentice'

Michelle Niziol 'The Apprentice'

The 35-year-old property consultant has become the first entrepreneur to leave the brand new series of the popular BBC One programme, after failing to lead her group, Team Nebula, into success, and Michelle believes her departure was just "a bit unlucky".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz following her exit, she said: "When you lose the boss has to take the brunt. So I think I was fired by default really. He didn't say anything otherwise I think it was just unfortunate really, a bit unlucky."

Also in the firing line were Rebecca and Alana, who Lord Sugar was particularly critical of during the decision-making process.

He said: "Rebecca, you make a lot of claims about being a great business woman, yet you've demonstrated nothing to me in this particular task. Alana, you were in charge of the market team and the pricing was completely wrong; overlooked."

In the boardroom Lord Sugar revealed the teams pricing strategy let them down and Michelle should take full blame as project manager.

He added: "Michelle, you claim to be a business woman and I do see you as responsible for not laying down the rules to your team."

In spite of her team's loss, Michelle has praised her fellow teammates and has admitted she had a great experience on the show, although it was short-lived.

She said: "I got on really well with Natalie and Trishna, I know contrary to popular belief that we argued. But we didn't. They were my roommates and Jessica so we did have a laugh."

Although Michelle was the first contestant to be on the receiving end of the 69-year-old businessman's famous line "You're fired", she has revealed the mogul is "a lot funnier" than she had anticipated.

She explained: "He's totally straight talking, a lot funnier than expected. Very very witty, what you see on TC is what you get. There's no script involved. When he comes out with those cutting comments and funny one liner, that's generally him."