FOX UK have revealed that Robert Kirkman’s Outcast will be returning to the channel for its second season on April 3.

What evil lurks in the darkness in Season 2?

What evil lurks in the darkness in Season 2?

Created by Kirkman and developed and produced by FNG, the show will bring 10 new episodes to fans on FOX channel sin over 125 countries outside the United States, and those behind the series are promising more horror, twists and turns than ever before.

Kirkman commented: “The Outcast story, although supernatural on the surface, explores how people cope with extreme circumstances while protecting the ones they love. It’s a theme with which audiences across the world can relate. I am thrilled that audiences in over 125 different countries will soon have the chance to see how Kyle, and the other residents of Rome, West Virginia, continue to deal with a town, and a world, that is rapidly becoming darker, sinister and more unpredictable in the show’s second season.”

Patrick Fugit plays Kyle Barnes, a man who stays away from his loved ones through his fear of hurting them. Philip Glenister joins him as Reverend Anderson, a West Virginia evangelist who believes he’s on Earth to help fight God’s holy war against the forces of evil. Wrenn Schmidt completes the leading cast as Kyle’s adoptive sister, Megan.

Outcast returns to FOX UK on April 3, 2017.

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