Simone Reed and Sue Evans have been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

Sue Evans

Sue Evans

The 28 year old from Stockton and "Hurricane Sue" are the latest housemates to be given the boot from the infamous house as they were evicted in Friday (14.07.17) night's shocking double eviction.

Simone was the first housemate to leave the Channel 5 reality show Chanelle McLeary, Sue, Simone and Isabelle Warburton were taken away from the main house and placed in the "woods", where they were told one housemate would face eviction.

On arrival, Big Brother told them: "Tonight, three of you will make it out of the woods unscathed, but one of you won't be so lucky and will disappear forever."

The remaining housemates watched the scene unfold, but after the television screen cut out in the main house, they were left unaware of who had been evicted.

In the woods, the four contestants were plunged into darkness, before Simone was tapped on the shoulder, signalling she had been evicted.

Show host Emma Willis then caused further shock when she entered the house to reveal the name of the second evictee.

Isabelle was told she was safe, whilst Sue and Chanelle were asked to sit on podiums in the woods, where they then had to tell their fellow housemates why they believed they should be saved.

After their speeches, Emma instructed the safe housemates to stand behind the person they wanted to stay in the house, with the person who garnered the least votes being evicted.

Unfortunately for Sue, only one housemate, Charlotte, chose to stand with her and so she was forced to leave the house.