Stephen Amell has finally accepted the American Ninja Warrior challenge, venturing to NBC’s studios for the course and running it as part of this year’s Red Nose Day. You can now check out a preview from that episode below, where Amell brings all of his Arrow character Oliver Queen’s abilities to the small screen for a show like no other:

This isn’t the first time Amell has brought his athleticism to a platform other than the usual acting one he’s a part of. In 2015, he took to the grandest stage of them all in sports entertainment when he went up against Stardust at WWE’s WrestleMania, winning the bout alongside his partner Neville.

He was later celebrated with the WWE Slammy Award for Celebrity Moment of the Year, but that’s not where his relationship with the wrestler Stardust, aka Cody Rhodes ended. Rhodes has to-date appeared twice in Amell-led CW series Arrow, and we imagine he’ll be back for more action in the future.

If Amell can make it to the end of the American Ninja Warrior course, he’ll have his elite Ninja coach to thank for her tips – Kacy Catanzaro – as well as his real-life trainers and workout plan. He’s a buff guy for sure, but even the most talented of people have failed when it comes to taking part on the course. Let’s hope Amell can go the whole way.

Stephen Amell’s episode of American Ninja Warrior comes to NBC in the US on May 25, airing at 8/7c.

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