Theo Campbell has been booted from 'Love Island'.

Theo Campbell

Theo Campbell

The 25-year-old professional athlete from Bath was kicked out of the infamous villa on Friday (14.07.17) after an intense re-coupling left him without a partner, and therefore without a place in the next week of the ITV2 reality show.

Speaking during his exit interview, Theo said: "It's been an absolute blast. I enjoyed every day in there, the days did feel long but now it's over I feel like it's gone so fast."

The hunk isn't too concerned about leaving though, and thinks either Jamie and Camilla, or Marcel and Gabby will be crowned the winners of the show.

He added: "After taking Jamie under my wing, I think him and Camilla have the potential to win because they are the most genuine people you'll meet. Same goes with Marcel and Gabby, they are up there as well."

Theo - who is training for a place in the Tokyo Olympics - became known on the show after he was embroiled in a row with Jonny Mitchell, after he pinched Tyla Carr from under Theo's nose, just moments after brutally dumping nation's favourite Camilla Thurlow.

Speaking to after his exit, Theo said of his relationship with Jonny: "I have no regrets at all. I had to speak my mind, because a lot of people in there are concerned with keeping everyone else happy. To me, I wasn't really worried about that. After day three, I realised that there wasn't any girl I wanted to hook up with, so I might as well be the voice of the villa."

Jonny was booted from the villa just a few days before Theo, after a public vote saw the hunk and his love interest Tyla forced to choose between themselves which of them would be evicted.