Tyla Carr and Mike Thalassitis have been booted off 'Love Island'.

Mike Thalassitis

Mike Thalassitis

The duo have left the famous villa, just a week before the show comes to an end, after being voted the least favourite couple by the British public.

Speaking after their exit, Mike said: "I went in there, pulled the best looking bird and still got booted out."

Whilst Tyla added: "There's definitely potential for the future, I hope, and I'm really excited to see where things go."

Before he left the villa, Mike warned Chris to be careful with his romance with Olivia.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the show, the Islanders took part in the 'Bang On Trend' game where they had to work out who the tweets from the public were about.

The first tweet read: "XXX and XXX are in one fake relationship, I'm not buying it one bit. Am I the only one who's not convinced on XXX feelings for XXX? Seems so fake (sic)"

When they find out it is about Gabby and Marcel, the blonde beauty is incredibly unimpressed.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she fumed: "I'd deserve an Oscar if I was faking it. I know that me and Marcel are rock solid so think what you like love."

And grime star Stormzy tweeted that he thought Chris was "too good for" Olivia, prompting a massive row between the pair as it was also revealed Olivia had confessed she would sleep with Mike if Chris never had to know about it.

Defending her comment, Olivia said: "We were broken up and it was a joke."

However, Chris wasn't happy with her excuse.

Heading into the Beach Hut, he said: "She is such a melt, that's so muggy. Prior to that being read out, she'd lost her head that I laughed at a tweet ... I have every right to be annoyed at that."