Phillip is supporting Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day, which is this year raising money for the Text Santa charities, Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish UK and Save the Children, to give hope to families in difficulty at Christmas. To get involved, visit

Credit: ITV Text Santa

Credit: ITV Text Santa

Q: What do you enjoy about presenting Text Santa?

A: It's the time of year when all of us as a telly family get together. We're all mates - and it's great to work together on our last big show before Christmas. There's a real demob happy feeling to it. At the same time, we're very well aware that we're fronting the terrific charitable work that so many people do and want to help raise as much money for them as possible. I love Text Santa!

Q: Talk us through the charities that will be benefiting from Text Santa this year.

A: That's the emotional part of the show. There is no reason to do it apart from the charities. We're very well aware that at Christmas money can be tight. So we've made it as easy as possible for people to donate. We all use our thumbs on our

phones thousands of times every day, so it's very simple to donate to Text Santa. There are also no admin charges - all the money goes to charity.

Credit: ITV Text Santa
Credit: ITV Text Santa

Q: Can you explain what each of Text Santa's charity partners does?

A: This show should remind us that we're very lucky if we're with our families this Christmas. Macmillan Cancer Support looks after people affected by cancer and ensures they get the help they need. Make-A-Wish UK carries out incredible wishes for children who are very ill. As for Save the Children - just look at the news. They do an immense amount for children both here and all over the world. With this selection of charities, we hope we will have incorporated people's favourites and made them think, "I'd love to put a fiver in".

Q: What will you be doing for Christmas?

A: The family are all coming to our house because we've got the biggest dining table. What's my role? I'm a very good clearer-upper! Wine and drink are my job, and atmosphere is my job - music, fun and games. I love this time of year. I'm the world's biggest Christmas fan!

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