Age: 23
Status: Single
Previous relationships: Lauren Goodger

Family: Jessica Wright’s brother

Likes: Essex (!), designer gear, Cristal, clubbing, good looking women.
Hates: Girlfriends who cheat on him.

Quote: "When you think of Essex and you think of money, good looks, tanned people and people who go out socialising who have got a good life, I can’t think of anyone who’s got a better life than me."

What we love about Mark: He had a bit-part in 'Lock, Stock' spin-off 'Lock, Stock and Four Stolen Hooves'. Is there anything this man can’t do? He also loves his nan!

  1. by Kate 11th Oct 2010 13:04

    mark is gorgeous! but also a snake

  2. by tama 11th Oct 2010 15:00

    Mark is gorgous.

    Iwill be ur new girlfriend.

  3. by Kayleigh Terry 14th Oct 2010 18:52

    God damn!! Mark is one sexy beast id say yes anyday!! His the reason i watch this. (:

  4. by Georgia and emily 15th Oct 2010 10:52

    YOU WOULD GET ITxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. by Doodlewood 20th Oct 2010 20:28

    I'm old enough to be Marks Mum at the ripe old age of 40!!! but I have crush on him and even feel guilty for thinking such.

  6. by Leticia 24th Oct 2010 18:16

    Am I the only one who thinks Mark is insufferable? I wouldn't even talk to him let alone ever date him, eurgh.

  7. by paige 26th Oct 2010 16:52

    he is gorgous,but a total dick,the way he treats lauren,she deserves better

  8. by nicola 04th Nov 2010 12:48

    A good looking nothing!!!

  9. by sarah k 10th Nov 2010 16:44

    ithink mark is so hot he,s on why shouldnt he kno it x

  10. by kristina higgins 11th Nov 2010 13:00

    mark wot a hottie x i,ll b ya new girlfreind lol

  11. by charlotte 12th Nov 2010 20:08

    Mark is fit but he so knows it which is not attractive. Lauren should get her ugly butt off to Dubai and Mark should treat Lucy with some respect!!

  12. by sjkerr 12th Nov 2010 21:48

    hey mark is so hot he,s on fire why shouldnt he kno it xx

  13. by Abbie kane 14th Nov 2010 17:48

    Your so Gorjiss btw xx

  14. by lauren 15th Nov 2010 18:20

    omggg markkk iss yummmed 2 bitss

    im not saying it for the crack he is actually amazing i want to meet him, mwahhhhh he is so god damn sexyyyy

    i love nanny pat
    mark mr your tru... Read More

  15. by Lauren Kirsopp 18th Nov 2010 10:28

    Mark is well fit ad do him anyday eeee the things i wud do to him,,, ii think he shud get bk with lauren nd dump lucy cz she's a totall bitch!!!!! we all lovee youu mark... lots of love... Read More

  16. by alicia buxton smith 13th Dec 2010 14:28

    mark-- your a great person to watch- and i agree, noone has a better life then you!

  17. by tyra 28th Dec 2010 16:24

    Mark, when you grow up you will realise that looks isnt all and real women want real men not cowars who hide behind their looks and charm.

  18. by Lutz 21st Jan 2011 22:52

    Hey Mark, how are you? High time for an Essex Bloke like you to go back to basics and hang out with the lads!

  19. by youre bbz whenever u want me sexy mark 31st Jan 2011 03:20

    mark this is just for you i love you alot
    there is nothing in the world that i luv more
    except from my nan but honestly i just want
    friendship with you talking to you makes me
    excited s... Read More

  20. by demi 28th Feb 2011 00:08

    Well i always seem to go for lad's like mark he's lush like, i'd say yep to him anyday ;)

  21. by minnie 23rd Mar 2011 09:58

    your are sexy little man haha lol xxx

  22. by Emilia 27th Nov 2011 16:43

    He's a man's idea of what women fancy, but he's too bulky for my tastes - and that bulk looks like curves to me. Men should be all about straight lines, all thin and lean and toned with... Read More

  23. by Shay 23rd Apr 2012 06:03

    mark is cute but i would not have sex with him bc His dip stick has been in too many woman for me to find that sexy. he shows that he can lie to you with a straight face. It makes him s... Read More