Age: 19
Status: Single
Previous relationships: Sam doesn't kiss and tell.

Likes: Strawberry coolers, Mojitos, boys with personality (particularly if they’re footballers!).
Hates: Men who are players, catty models who think they’re better than everyone else.

"Boys come and go and if they don’t want to be out with me and my girls then he’s gone. At the end of the day it's your friends who will always be there."

What we love about Sam:
As a youngster Sam trained alongside the GB gymnastics team.

  1. by sp1cyyy 11th Oct 2010 15:20

    she be h0tt and sp1cy yeh l1ke a n1ck n4ck y3h? u g3t m3 g1rl?!

  2. by Widget 24th Oct 2010 18:08

    I almost wet myself laughing at the 'boys with personality...especially if they're footballers!' bit. An oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

  3. by lil-pixie 12th Nov 2010 17:08

    think you harry and amy are so funny together
    wish you an mark would get together
    lauren is a nasty horrible girl and has been so nasty about people, she needs to loose weight and do... Read More

  4. by Lindsey Jones 27th Dec 2010 11:08

    Didn't see that one coming with you in the back of the cab with Mark. I won't repeat what I said!! Just makes you look bad! I know some of it is staged, but you didn't have to do tha... Read More

  5. by Kimmmy 20th Mar 2011 23:52

    Just wish Mark would choose you !! .. I think Lauren is bad news and not good for him . and fake!! .. i love you and think you and him are just perfect together!! ..xx

  6. by Type your name 24th Mar 2011 17:46

    At least Lauren is not as fake as Sam! Also Sam's eyes are way too small to wear false eyelashes - it is imposible to actually see her eyes when she is wearing them - I would love her... Read More

  7. by Nicole Pease 12th Apr 2011 16:02

    Sam has done bloody well to have her own shop at her age!!! She's beautiful too! Some people get all the luck!

  8. by olivia 19th Jun 2011 19:26

    i love u and all the cast i want to live down in essex iam only 11 but ador u and i want to star in the only way is essex and iam also a modelxx

  9. by VixenTNA 07th May 2012 11:21

    I like Sam but my faviorites are Gemma and Lauren G!