Makosi Musambasi

Makosi Musambasi

For this week's shopping task, Housemates will be reliving significant moments from the past ten years of Big Brother. This will take place over three days, culminating in a live performance of Pie Jesu by Michelle on the live show in front of Friday night's eviction crowd.



On Big Brother 6, as Big Brother's unluckiest Housemate, Makosi's secret mission was to gain the most nominations. Today, Big Brother will name Makosi as the unluckiest Housemate once again - this time however, everyone else will be in on the joke.

Shortly, Makosi will be called to the Diary Room and told that for the next hour she must try and become the most unpopular Housemate. However, in a sneaky twist, Makosi's fellow Housemates will all watch the Diary Room conversation on the plasma, and will be told by Big Brother that the real secret mission is to ignore anything Makosi does in her attempt to make herself unpopular, and should instead tell her how popular she is.

Later this afternoon, Makosi will be presented with a gift wrapped box, inside will be her coveted mobile phone. Unluckily for Makosi, it has no battery. Other unlucky things will happen to Makosi throughout the course of the task.

At some point during the two day task Makosi will also be told she will be cut out the show - and given a green body suit covered in ping pong balls to wear. Big Brother will explain that it is technology to delete her from the show.


On Celebrity Big Brother 4, Preston took part in an experiment task in which he tested whether liquor chocolates could get you drunk. Today, Big Brother will be testing whether Preston can eat the same 48 liquor chocolates without being sick.

Ulrika & Nick

In Celebrity Big Brother 6, Ulrika and Verne Troyer performed the Diana Ross & Lionel Richie hit "Endless Love". The clip of their performance received 81, 483 on the website.

Tonight, Ulrika & Nick will be recreating this moment and the video will be uploaded on the Big Brother website,, shortly after. They have to get more hits on the website in the same amount of time, 28 hours and 15 minutes, in order to pass the task.

In a completely random event and not part of the task, Big Brother will also play in the baby screaming wake up alarm where BB5's Ahmed will walk through the House smashing plates before leaving again.



Despite Makosi's deliberate attempt to make herself unpopular, the Housemates successfully ignored her and therefore successfully completed this part of her task. Makosi's unlucky spell continues today.


Preston successfully ate 48 liquor chocolates without being sick.

Ulrika & Nick

Ulrika and Nick have performed their version of "Endless Love" which has been uploaded onto the Big Brother website, They must get more than 81,483 hits to beat Ulrika and Verne Troyer's performance of the same song from Celebrity Big Brother 6. The deadline will close for this later this evening.

Housemates will be informed of their passes and fails at the end of the task on Friday. The task continues today.


On Big Brother 2, Brian took part in a dancing task. Today, whenever a trigger of Brian's famous line "Bubble, hold me!" plays into the House, he must run to the stage in the Garden within 30 seconds and dance for the duration of the song with whoever he finds there. BB5's Marco, BB7's Glyn and BB8's Samanda will also appear on the stage throughout the day to dance with Brian.

In addition, whenever Big Brother plays the conga into the House, Brian must get all his Housemates to do the conga around the Garden. They must be there within one minute of the song starting and dance for the duration of the song.

Chantelle, Nadia and Victor

Chantelle famously sang "I Want It All" on Celebrity Big Brother 4 - this time round, Nadia and Victor will make up the rest of her fictional band Kandy Floss, as the three of them must practise and perform the song together tonight.

They have the day to practise the song, and will receive costumes this afternoon. They must be word perfect in order to pass the task.

The task continues tomorrow...

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