I'm A Celeb

I'm A Celeb

Hosts Ant and Dec explained the rules. Under the surface of the water was a jungle dining room set for dinner. Hidden around the dining room were 12 stars. Helen and Charlie would have to dive under the water and find the stars which were hidden in five domes set on the dining table, ‘fire place’ and a crockery cabinet.

All the stars in the domes had to be collected only using their teeth and mouths, but they could use their hands when collecting the stars from the fireplace.

The middle dome was empty and they were told they could return there for a breather. Helen and Charlie had ten minutes to complete the task, five minutes each.

Once they put their heads in the first dome they could not come out of the water, if they did their part of the trial was over.
Contained within the domes were water dwelling creatures including large yabbies, water spiders, eels, water monitor lizards and crocodiles.

Charlie went first. Having admitted that she found it difficult to hold her breath she quickly went into the first dome. Joined by water spiders she retrieved the first two stars. But as she went into the second dome she screamed when greeted by the small crocodiles. She got one star but confessed she was panicking and struggling to get her breath. With words of encouragement from Ant, Dec and Helen, she attempted to swim to the crockery cabinet but had to return to the surface.

Next up was Helen. She tentatively made it to the first dome and was joined by monitor lizards. But she took the two stars with her hands. Repeatedly told by the hosts that she must use her mouth, Helen went onto the second dome. She was joined in the dome by crabs and again grabbed two stars but with her hands. She failed to make it to the fireplace.

A jubilant Helen got out of the pool but was then told her four stars did not count. Ant and Dec explained, “I’m afraid in the rules it said you have to take them off with your teeth, mouth and you used your hands in both domes. I’m afraid they don’t count. We were trying to tell you.”

A disappointed Helen said, “I think its because I panic so much, I forget using my teeth. I did my best.”
The girls headed back to camp with three meals.

Charlie vs Helen
As the pair headed back to face their colleagues Helen confronted a disgruntled Charlie and said, “I can feel that you sometimes think I dramatise things. I don’t that’s my natural reaction.”

Charlie replied, “I think sometimes, and I know that’s you and I’m different and we are two completely different girls, I do sometimes think it’s a little bit drama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Helen continued, “I’m naturally like that I’m not putting it on, that’s what I want you to get.”

Charlie then interjected, “That’s not what I said, I don’t think you’re putting it on.”

Helen then added, “I wish I could be more like you. I wish I could more like not dramatic, but I can’t help it.”

Later Helen commented on the confrontation, she said, “I think she (Charlie) said something like ‘you’re a bit of a drama queen’, I kind of take that, when someone says that to me, like ‘oh just cut it out, stop being a drama queen like I’m putting it on.’”

However, away from Helen, Charlie commented “Just the silliness of it all. Just frustrates me. It’s like ‘you really need to get a grip sometimes.’”

The camp mates were eager to find out how many meals they had won.

Helen explained, “When I saw the stars I was so happy to see them I forgot, I just grabbed them and put them in my pocket thinking ‘oh my God that’s two stars.’”

A dejected Charlie then explained, “They were disqualified because she didn’t get them with her teeth.”

As the camp mates looked on disappointedly, Helen continued, “I just got too excited to see them (the stars). I felt like such a loser when I came out. Guys I feel sensitive and emotional at the moment so if I get a bit weird then I’m sorry.”

Eric later said to Charlie, “Glad I wasn’t with her. Its hard work isn’t it. She’s useless.”

Charlie confessed in the Bush Telegraph, “When you feel you have to walk on egg shells because you might say something that’s going to make somebody cry, it becomes a little bit intolerable to live with all the time. I find myself losing my patience.”

Ashley & Hugo Bitch About Helen
In the aftermath of Helen and Charlie’s trial, Ashley and Hugo commented on Helen’s lack of success in the Bush Tucker Trials.
Whilst sat in the hut the pair expressed their disappointment of yet another fail from the soap star.

Hugo said, “I’m very sympathetic about her not getting it (the Trial) but had the opportunity to win what 40 stars (over the last few challenges), she’s won zero. I could see some people were furious. I could see Eric was furious. I could see it in his face to lose three meals on a technicality or just not listening is one thing everyone can do is listen.”

Ashley, disappointed that she didn’t have the chance to partake in this Trial said, “ Obviously going off and doing those things is traumatic. Today I felt like if I was there I probably would have excelled at it.”

Hugo replied, “I’m trying to be accepting. I hope that despite saying this, ‘I’m not the one who has absolute failure. I’m terrified of that. You can’t pass judgement until you’ve done it yourself.”

He continued, “She seems more bothered about what people think rather than about the hunger. So I don’t know what’s motivating her. I’m motivated to win by hunger. She’s like fine, I don’t want anything and eats some toothpaste.”

Hugo then commented on how the other campmates treat Helen, he said, “Obviously what I think as well is, she’s young and coming in here for a reason - to learn. Everyone is mothering her a little bit too much. This is a great opportunity to discover something about yourself and if she gets treated exactly the same way she does in the real world that’s not beneficial for her.”

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