As we draw even closer to the finale of this years instalment of I'm A Celebrity, we've got the latest news from the camp for you right here.


David showed his athletic body off in an early morning shower, discarding his shorts and giving everyone a full view of his bottom!

“Very rarely do I shower with cameras on me. Iit has happened from time to time, but you know that’s more for private.  Out here you have cameras on you and it’s hard to have a proper wash through swimming trunks and the best way to give the undercarriage a good scrubbing is to get down into the buff,” he said in the Bush Telegraph.

“Sorry if I have offended anyone at home with my buttocks but from time to time you have got to have a shower in the buff.”

Charlie was surprised as she told “David went in the nuddie! He just gave everyone a treat with his butt.  He’s just lathering himself up here every day and that’s why they are keeping him in here, checking out his ass!”

David was a bit coy and cagey about it as his fellow celebrities guessed that is why he is still in camp.

He told everyone he’d had a dream the night before where the removal vans turned up at his house but it was located in the jungle. He told Charlie “After my dream I think it is me who is going today.  I have had similar dreams in the past and I’m on the money, I’m not saying that I’m psychic.”

Hugo quipped: “Boxer and clairvoyant! However I think I am about to knock you out! I would be proud to get into the final four, it will be an even bigger achievement than I planned in the first place.”

Eric predicted that it would be the Chelsea star who would be voted off. “I think you might get your dream tonight Hugo.  I tell you now I think it might be you today.”

David said: “We all looked drowned in horror because when the numbers man (Eric) himself tells you it’s your time to go, it is your time to go.  Well two removal vans turned up in the form of Ant and Dec and announced it was Hugo.”

The most devastated was Ashley who sobbed when she waved him off. “Hugo has been my buddy since the beginning, we were at Snake Rock together, he has been my flatmate. Eric got it right again, he pulled it right at the last second. I got pretty emotional over this one leaving, it has hit me the hardest. No matter what, he has a heart of gold and I love that dude to pieces. He’s a moody littler f***er but I loved him.”

Eric added: “Hugo has done well, everyone expected him to be a bit toffee nosed but he’s mucked in and been a good lad.”


Charlie won a phone call to her daughter Kiki today as a result of a darts game they played.

The celebrities took part in a game in which their dart throwing skills could win 21 treats - two of which were phone calls to friends or family. The aim of the game was to fire a dart to the corresponding number picked out of a bag and the celebrity would get whatever treat was beside that number written on a board, all played in a relay style.

Charlie: “It was really handy that we had a darts challenge and we had Eric Bristow, although his track record through the show hasn’t been very good.”

Eric was first up and pulled number 10, he hit double ten with the first arrow which won them one beer. Next up was David who managed to hit number 14 on his fourth dart winning some Cheddar cheese.

Ashley hit number one and won a phone call from home, Charlie missed the board completely but then it was Eric’s turn again and he hit number nine with his first dart and won coffee. David pulled number eight and hit it with his first dart and won coffee and sugar.

Agreeing that the two phone calls should be combined to make a four minute call, Eric said: “Do you think Charlie should have it as David spoke to his mum and I don’t give a **it?” The others agreed 100% with him. Charlie was thrilled “That will be amazing, thank you guys.” 


The celebrities had their winnings from the darts challenge delivered, it was cheese, a beer, coffee and sugar. They were tucking into the cheese when the phone in camp rang and Charlie spoke to her daughter Kiki.

Squealing with delight Charlie was so excited to hear from Kiki. “I miss you mummy, you are doing really well, you have lost a lot of weight, I’ve been watching and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you.”

Charlie told her how much she loved her and that her handwriting in the letter she sent to camp was really good.

“I know you so well and you are a strong woman why didn’t you say we are a strong, independent, motivational, inspirational women?”

Charlie answered: “Because we are strong, independent, motivational, inspirational women and I did say it and I think of you every time. I love you, you are the best, I can’t wait for snuggles and I’m going to snuggle you so much.”

“You are the best mummy, you will win it now, I want to be the princess of the jungle! I love you!”

Charlie said: “You will be princess of the jungle no matter what. Do you know what the Chelsea score is, don’t worry I know you can’t tell me. I love you, love you, love to everyone.”

After the call Charlie thanked everyone for letting her take the call and jumped up and down and clapped with glee.


With only four celebrities left in camp, Eric informed the camp that they were all taking part in the Trial.

Ashley said,  “This is going to be interesting.  No matter what, if its sticky, gooey, with creepy crawlies, at least we’re all there together.”

Charlie told the camp mates that she thought it would be a fun Trial, but none of them were convinced.

Eric said, “We deserve a fun one instead of being in goo all the time.”

He then added, “Maybe they will give us lunch.”  When told by Charlie that this “would never happen,”  the dart champion said, “it’s nice to dream.” 

As they headed to the Trial, Eric commented that it was important for them to win the stars, he said, “We’ve only got a little bit of rice left, not enough for two people, so we’ve got to well today.  Whatever is in front of us we’ve got to do it.”

David, admitted that he was looking forward to the Trial and was confident they would do well, he said,  “I love a Trial, I love a challenge.  I’m here to test myself see how much fun I can actually have and so far its been amazing.  Hopefully today’s Trial going to be a toughy, but I believe we’re going to get some serious stars.”


The celebrities arrived at the Trial dressed in coloured pants and cape’s ready to take on Celebrity Cyclone.

The celebrities were told the rules to the Trial by hosts Ant & Dec.  They had to battle elements as they tried to get the stars onto the markers positioned on the course.

The first person had to take all four stars to the first marker.  The second person had to make their way to the first person, take three stars and move to the second marker on the course.  

Then the third person had to make their way to the second celebrity, collect two stars and move to the third  marker.  The final celebrity had to maneuver to the third celebrity, take one star and place it on the final marker.  The stars had to be on all four markers to win the meals for camp.

They had ten minutes to complete the Trial and they could decide who went in what order.

David immediately said he would go last, which prompted Charlie to joke, “I was thinking Eric.”

She then suggested the order should be, Eric, herself, Ashley and then David, which the others agreed.

As the water began to shoot down the course, Eric took the four stars and made his way to the first marker.  As he crawled on his hands and knees, the darts champion repeatedly slipped but eventually made it to the marker where his tactic was to lay on the stars.

Charlie was next up and got a good start, quickly reaching Eric, but was knocked off balance by the balls fired from the cannons.  She took the stars from Eric but quickly lost one and had to head back to the beginning and retrieve it but  finally made it to the marker.  Next up was Ashley who managed to hold her balance and quickly get to Charlie who was positioned at the second marker.  

However, as the water intensified and with balls being fired in her direction she lost her footing and valuable seconds.  She finally retrieved the stars from Charlie and successfully made it to her marker.   Finally it was the turn of David Haye who decided to sprint to Ashley to collect the final star.

Unbeknown to him a blast of water and balls headed their way knocking, David over and pushing  Ashley and Charlie off of their markers.  Eric’s technique of hugging his star, clearly worked as he did not move.  The three celebrities raced back to their markers covering them with their stars.

Having successfully completed the Trial and winning four meals, the celebrities embraced in a group hug.

After the Trial, David talked through his technique and said, “With the amount of water coming down, I thought run as fast as I can and use the momentum but when the big wave come down.”

Charlie then joked, “I saw him out of the corner of my eye he was like superman running up the course.”

The celebrities were told that they completed the Trial in just over six minutes.


After the Trial, the jubilant celebrities headed back to camp after winning four stars.

Ashley said, “That was the most fun thing I have done, maybe in my whole life”.

Whilst Charlie added, “I never expected it to be so difficult.  Holding onto the star was virtually impossible.”

Clearly thrilled they won the all the stars, Eric said, “Brilliant four stars, we need something to eat we’re hungry.

Proud of their performance in the Trial David commented, “Everyone promised themselves that they were going to give 100% and that’s exactly what happened.  All of us go back with four stars we should be eating well hopefully.  I’m buzzing.”


The fabulous four remaining celebrities were discussing how great it would be to be in the final. David said to Ashley: “For a non British celebrity to go this far seeing how much airtime we’ve all had.  I’ve been on every single chat show and game show in England at some time or other.”

Ashley said she also appeared on lots of TV programmes in the UK when she was with the Pussy Cat Dolls, but no-one would have ever known her as Ashley.

“Even in the group I wasn’t allowed to talk, we were told to be quiet. Only Nicole was allowed to talk we would occasionally pitch in.” She confessed.

Astonished Charlie said to her: “Only Nicole was allowed to talk, why did they say that then, did that not drive you nuts?”

The singer replied: “Are you serious? Why do you think the band broke up? U2 are still together and they split everything down the middle.”

Asked by David if that wasn’t the case for the Dolls, Ashley just replied: “No.”

Complimenting her again Eric said: “She’s done well. I didn’t give her a chance when I saw her, I thought she wouldn’t last five minutes, goddamit, how wrong was I? I got that one wrong, I thought first cockroach and she’ll be gone. Now she has 12 for breakfast every morning!”

Charlie and Ashley started talking and salivating over the thought of food, namely breakfast Burritos. “It like literally turns me on,” said Ashley.

“I know, that is like the biggest turn on you can imagine, it make me feel a bit funny inside” agreed Charlie. “I’m really looking forward to seeing my boy, I think it’s going to be a really nice reunion. I can’t stop thinking about ‘it.” I’m thinking about it all the time.”

Ashley said” Oh I’m so jealous, I might have to ‘pull a dirty’ as soon as I leave camp.”

In the Bush Telegraph Charlie said: “Ashley and I are going stir crazy in here"


Four ice creams were hidden around the camp and the celebrities had to find them before they melted.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, this lot running around here looking for choc ice,.” said Eric who took to his hammock after he’d shared one with Ashley.

She even picked up and ate a piece of the chocolate he dropped on the jungle floor. “That’s valuable stuff,” she drawled.

Sharing David’s ice cream, Charlie: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, it tastes soooo good.” They found all the choc ices and oooh and aaahed over each mouthful.

Charlie said to David: “I want some pizza, a fish and chip shop.   I want a fresh crisp salad, I want a Snickers, I want a Snickers ice cream, a 99 with a flake on it, a mint choc chip ice cream would be nice.  

"Some parmesan on a great big bowl of pasta maybe just with a tomato sauce something simple, croissant, scrambled eggs, avocado, and then maybe find a nice cheese and wine bar that I would walk to.  I’d eat some fried chicken and then before I went to bed I would get room service, and I would pre order breakfast eggs benedict.”

Interrupting her food porn monologue, David said: “Eggs benedict, too many calories, you’ve got to watch your calorie intake, that’s taking it too far now.”

“Ok said Charlie, I’ll leave the eggs benedict!”


Eric and Ashley were selected for the Dingo Dollar Challenge which saw the pair messing about in a huge pile of straw that hid keys and a few little chocolates scattered around.

The keys would open boxes that contained chocolates and dollars and they had to make $100 in order to shop at the Outback Shack.

A cheeky Ashley said, “I don’t go jumping in haystacks that often so this is going to be ‘popping my cherry’ in that department but I’m super stoked to see how it goes.”

They worked either side of the huge straw bales and found the keys.   Ashley opened the boxes finding a few dollars at a time and then some chocolate treats which Eric let her eat .

Eric started singing the Wurzels hit ‘Combine Harvester’ which Ashley said she didn’t recognise as it was before her time.

After the challenge Eric said: “I spent the afternoon in the hay bales with good looking Ashley.”

“Eric and I did roll in that hay and we got dirty and messy” Ashley said.


Having won the Dingo Dollar Challenge, Eric and Ashley headed to the Outback Shack.  The treats that were on offer were, baked beans and corned beef. 

When Ashley said she didn’t know what corned beef was, Eric’s explanation seemed to confuse her more and she said, “I’m nervous about meat coming in a can.

But Eric said,  “We have enough beans.  The others will be happy with this” and opted for the corned beef.

Eric later added, “She didn’t know what corned beef was, an American girl and fitness fanatic, she doesn't eat all this rubbish that we eat.”

Back in camp, David answered the phone and read the question to Charlie which was,‘once out of the jungle which of these did Helen have first, a spray tan or a blow dry?’

Bemused, David said, “She would have had a spray tan and then came back and done her make up and got her hair done.

Charlie agreed and they opted for the first answer, a spray tan.

However, when Ashley and Eric unveiled their treat, Charlie clearly disappointed, admitted that she would have prefered the baked beans.

Later Charlie said, “Baked beans in the tomato based sauce and all that salt and sugar would have out-weighed a can of meat that smells and looked like dog’s food.”

Charlie asked Eric if he eats corned beef and the darts ace replied, “I’ve got a couple of tins in the cupboard that have been in there for years.  It’s alright for a snack.”

Still perplexed by the notion of corned beef Ashley asked her camp mates, “Why is it ok to be served like that, how can it just sit on a shelf forever in a can?

As David and Eric munch on their lunch time snack, Ashley and Charlie are clearly not enjoying the meal.  After just a few mouthfuls Ashley decided she couldn't eat it and headed off for a shower.

Ashley later said, “Corned beef is disgusting!  I don’t even know what is in there, what its made of?  It can’t be meat.  Its salty, its chewy, it smells like dog food.  I don’t even know if I could serve my dog that.


After they won four stars in the Trial the celebrities received, Crocodile Tail Fillets, Crystal Apple Cucumbers, Silverbeet, Capsicum Annuum, Bell Peppers and Thai Mangoes for dessert.

After resident cooks Rosemary and Hugo left camp, Charlie took charge.

However when the meal was served, the hot and spicy peppers were a shock to Ashley’s system as she popped a piece in her mouth and gasped with the burning sensation. She said she didn’t eat spicy food to which David said: “If you think it is hot on the way in times it by three when it’s on the way out!”

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