JACK OSBOURNE fooled SIMON COWELL into believing he was a white rapper - after auditioning for the current series of British TV talent show X FACTOR. The 19-year-old adopted his hip-hop alter-ego after his mum SHARON, who is a judge on the hit show, suggested it would be amusing to trick her fellow judges Cowell and LOUIS WALSH. Osbourne says, "Yes, I was a white Goth rapper. I was pretty amused with myself that I managed to pull it off. It was mum's idea. "They (Cowell and Walsh) just stood there. They didn't know what to think. But you'll have to watch it because it's pretty funny." Sharon Osbourne meanwhile hits out at U2, the rock matriarch has slammed Irish superstars U2 as "boring" and she finds their stage efforts especially pathetic. The outspoken reality TV star has blasted the Irish rockers for treating their shows as a politically-laden news broadcast rather than a gig and insists they need to inject more energy into their performance. Osbourne, whose husband OZZY once bit the head off a bat on stage, says, "Talk about a knees-up? Have you seen U2's live show?

"It's boring as hell. It's like watching CNN."

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