Based on the Archie Comics long-running series, Riverdale is the show that’s got everybody talking, exclusive to Netflix in the UK while airing on The CW in the States and following a group of young adults as they navigate through the tricky waters of high school life.

Credit: The CW

Credit: The CW

When one of their friends washes up ashore with a bullet hole in his head however, things get a whole lot more sinister, and the biggest mystery the town has ever seen gets underway. But who killed Jason Blossom?

He was a much-loved jock of the school and captain of the football team. With that, though, comes a lot of jealousy. Here are five of the best theories…

Betty killed Jason Blossom

One of the most interesting rumours floating around is that Betty killed Jason Blossom in a rage. Whether that was as herself and in defence of her sister, or while suffering from a ‘dual personality’ that we’ve already seen her deal with once when covering a football player with maple syrup hasn’t yet been established. It would certainly make sense. When Betty ‘becomes’ her sister Polly, she’s acting outside of herself. Could her anger have sent her right over the edge and forced her to fire a weapon straight at Jason?

Miss Grundy killed Jason Blossom

We know that Miss Grundy has a thing for the younger men in her life; what if she was enjoying a little extracurricular activity with Jason and hired somebody to take him out, or did so herself, when she found herself falling in deep with Archie? They do look mightily similar! If this is the case, Archie should watch out. Now that their relationship has come to an end, she could be out for revenge once again. If she’s killed once, she could do it again. It would make for one heck of a twisty finale.

Polly killed Jason Blossom

A lover’s tiff may have been all it took to see Jason’s life brought to an untimely end. Polly is quick to jump to conclusions, so if she had a firearm in her possession and Jason was annoying her, could she have pulled the trigger? This theory gets more interesting when you think of the other possibilities surrounding the murder. Did Polly’s parents know that Polly killed Jason, and so put her in the asylum to protect her from prosecution? Alice Cooper is constantly going on about how badly Jason treated Polly; who is she trying to convince now that he’s gone?

Cheryl killed Jason Blossom

Since we first saw them together back in the pilot episode, Cheryl and Jason Blossom shared a scarily close relationship as brother and sister. There’s the chance that they were having an incestuous relationship, with Cheryl killing Jason in a jealous rage because of her feelings for him. Could she be out to get Polly now if she really did take out Jason?

Even if they weren’t involved in that way, Cheryl has always loved her brother. If his plans to run away with Polly got out, she would have taken any means possible to ensure he stayed by her side. She’s lost without Jason, so did she wipe him out so he couldn’t be ‘stolen away’ from her?

Alice and Hal Cooper killed Jason Blossom

The most popular theory is that Alice and Hal Cooper – Betty and Polly’s parents – teamed up to take out Jason after jumping to the conclusion that he wasn’t good enough for their daughter. Hal has already been seen with all of the sheriff’s evidence in the case – which he stole and is hiding unlawfully – and Alice clearly hates everything about the Blossoms family. It would be a bit of a let-down, what with it being so obvious, but perhaps Alice and Hal killing Jason is what makes the most sense, and is what’s best for the show in the long run.

Riverdale returns from its midseason break on March 30 in the US and March 31 in the UK on The CW and Netflix respectively.

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