Earlier today (July 4), Emmerdale fans were able to take to the soap’s official Instagram account to watch the soap’s boss announce an explosive autumn twist for the show, which will run into 2018 and include fan-favourite character Aaron and his sister Liv.

Danny Miller's Aaron has some big stories ahead / Credit: ITV

Danny Miller's Aaron has some big stories ahead / Credit: ITV

Speaking directly to viewers, Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod explained: “There is a really massive surprise coming October. This is something that even the character it happens to hasn’t seen coming.

“It will tilt the whole Emmerdale universe on its axis. There are a couple of characters who are going to get a massive shock.”

The upcoming storylines are ones that are going to twist and turn like never before, with Iain continuing: “Running into the New Year we are going to tell a really serious issue-led story. This will be heartbreaking, and true, and really relatable for the audience.

“There is also something big going off for Aaron and Liv – this is a big story for her that will allow her to stretch her acting muscles.”

He adds: “There will be a big change to one of our big sets in terms of who rules the roost in it. There will be a power struggle that will involve a changing of the guards for one of our key sets. It’s massively exciting.

“We’ve also got a new arrival. We have seen in the press that it’s apparently a Dingle – I can reveal that it’s not a Dingle actually, but it’s connected to the Dingle family in a way that I think people will find really interesting.

“He is going to be sexy and dangerous and one of our characters is going to get their heart trampled on.”

Looks like it’s all go on the Emmerdale set! We can’t wait to see what the creative teams have up their sleeves…

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with extra episodes at 8pm on Thursdays.

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