‘You’re not imagining anything. There is a connection between us,’ Miles tells Sally, who instantly wants to know whether or not he can put a label on that which she has so far failed to define. Although he hopes that giving her a little information about their similarities – he was a high-school teacher too – will stave off her questions, Miles soon realises that his secret may be in jeopardy after Roman recognises him from an encounter some years ago when, following the Boxing Day tsunami, he was involved with the cleanup operation in Phuket. As Miles later explains to a bewildered Sally, it was during that tragedy that he lost his wife and daughter, and he’s been struggling through life ever since. This heart-to-heart chat with his newfound companion is the first time he’s felt so at ease and ultimately turns out to be all the encouragement he needs to go one step further in uncovering the truth about their relationship. But when all that involves is revealing his full name - Miles Copeland – Sally feels somewhat confused: what is he talking about? ‘You found it very hard to get your tongue around when you were little,’ Miles continues. ‘The best you could manage was “Milco”.’The way forwardStill reeling from the blow of the diagnosis, Cassie’s friends are left caught up in discussing how best they can help her. While Matilda still feels that Sally has a right to know, Ric stands firm on following Cassie’s wishes and insists on paying Henk a visit to give him a piece of his mind. Being told he can’t keep fighting with his fists – and being reminded of the equally terrible way in which he handled the situation with Viv – does little to improve Ric’s mood, and so it’s a careworn Matilda who bears the brunt of his frustrations when he later returns from Cassie’s van empty-handed: Henk’s already made his escape.

Once alone to be left with her thoughts, Matilda comes to the painful realisation that, despite having called time on their relationship, staying friends looks to be one of those things that it is easier said than done. In a last-ditch attempt to move on, she later opens up to Ric about her feelings and, relieved that he is feeling equally downbeat about the current state of affairs, convinces him that there is a clear path forward: by both being there for Cassie.

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