Cassie is being treated at hospital for a nasty cut and bruising on her ribs. When questioned how the injury occurred, Macca pipes up and explains they were mucking around having a water fight in the kitchen and Cassie fell. Cassie remains quiet, still in shock that Macca could do such a thing. Once alone, Cassie rips in to Macca, angry that he has been violent with her – again! Macca is backpedaling big time and is making a desperate plea for Cassie to forgive him! It will never happen again – he loves her so much!

Sally and Ric race to the hospital when they receive the news. It’s a tense moment for Macca, as he watches Sally, who’s waiting for an explanation from Cassie – will she tell them the truth? Cassie has made her decision – and insists it was all an accident! Ric is far from convinced – but what more can he do if Cassie won’t admit the truth?