The Valleys bunch hit Liverpool tonight with their Valleywood Nights, with everything ending in tears when Lateysha doesn't take too kindly to Nicole and Jenna stripping off and getting their breasts out while she's on stage performing.

"What the hell are Nicole and Jenna playing at? This is my first performance and I've got them two rats next to me getting their t*ts out like a pair of hoes." she grumbles.

Nicole thinks it's jealousy that's led to her disapproval, and it's not long before a physical fight breaks out.

"There's eyelashed and hair extensions everywhere." says Carley. "And the girls are screaming at each other. What the hell is going on?"

Earlier, Chidgey's beloved cuddly toy 'Graham' has been hijacked by the other guys and taken to Liverpool, where he's in the bath with Jason and Jack "having a spitroast" according to the Suminski twin.

"Graham's turned out to be quite the slut." says Jack.

"I swear to f**king God, if they do anything to Graham, that's it. I will make their life a misery." moans Chidgey.

Then, the Liverpool talent is being scouted out by Carley, Jack, Lateysha and Jason, with Jack causing a splash in his Welsh sheep onesie, jumping into a fountain to promote Valleywood, much to the surprise of the local residents.

"We're either going to make the front page news or get arrested." Jack says.

The Valleys continues tonight on MTV at 10pm.

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