When you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, ideally you want to meet a person who has things in common with you- such as a love of boxsets, going to the cinema, walking and of course- food.

Singles are put off when they hear this word

Singles are put off when they hear this word

Food plays a big part in any relationship especially at the beginning when you're going out on lots of foodie based dates. People are generally willing to forgive a lot in the honeymoon phase- but there are some deal breakers- one of which is dating a vegan.

Trueview.me asked 1000 singles what they felt about dating, relationships and the big one- food. 34% said they would be put off dating someone who is vegan and interestingly there were more men than woman who bothered by this potential situation.

Tradition has something to do with the image people have of men and their eating habits but it would seem that some men don't want to give up on the fantasy of eating a bacon sandwich with their lover in bed on a Sunday morning. New relationships aside- 77% said that they wouldn't change their eating habits to fall in line with a long term partner's, even if we are bombarded with pictures of interesting things to do with kale right now.

On the flipside, a quarter wouldn't want to date someone who shovels any old thing in their trap-vegan or not. A diet of junk food is an unattractive habit in a potential partner according to 28%. Sure- chocolate for breakfast is exciting at Christmas but not every day of the year. If you're a convenience food vegan- then the odds may be stacked against you.

'It's clear to see that people's eating habits and diet really do count for a lot when you're dating,' says Matt Verity from Trueview.me. 'It's all about compatibility; if you're a staunch veggie or vegan who feels passionately about not eating any animal products, you'll find it hard to stay with someone who eats meat regularly. And those table habits, which might seem endearing at first, can make someone want to kill you once you've been together a while and it happens every. single. time!'

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