They deserve to be free

They deserve to be free

No Elephant Deserves to be Alone

Isolation is devastating for elephants. Elephants belong with their families. Elephants belong in the wild. Don't go to zoos or animal circuses.

Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses that use Animals

Actor and animal defender Alec Baldwin describes the sad plight of elephants who are torn from their families and forced to perform grueling tricks in the circus.

Elephants in a PETA Undercover Investigation

PETA's 2009 investigation of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus found that workers were beating, whipping, and hooking elephants and striking tigers.

Draw My Life: Elephant Edition

Karen is an elephant on the road with Ringling Bros. circus. This is her story.

Tyke the Elepant's Last Day on Earth

In 1994, an elephant named Tyke gave her last circus performance. By the time the dust settled, a trainer was dead, 13 people were injured, and Tyke herself had been shot almost 100 times and killed.

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