Eat fruits and veggies!

Eat fruits and veggies!

This video shows in eight easy steps how you can transition into veganism. Some people want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle but don't know how to go about it- so here are some tips to get you started.

Firstly- educate yourself about the lifestyle choice by going online- It's important to make as informed a decision as possible and learn how to do it healthily by planning it into your routine.

Watch the documentaries the video suggests- This will add to your knowledge gained online and show you what happens behind the scenes.

Connect with a vegan group- Whether you decide to do this online or in person it doesn't matter- seek out that support so you can ask questions and share information with like-minded people.

Don't freak out about protein- There are plenty of protein rich plant based foods out there- so substitute your meat for one of these at every meal.

Focus on your fruits and veggies- Getting your five a day should be easy on a vegan diet- you can even aim for more than the recommended amount. Try new foods and keep a track of how many portions you're eating.

Learn more about tofu- It can be a great source of calcium as well as protein so ensure you're getting enough of both in a day.

Make time to cook- Although vegan convenience foods are great once in a while- they are often packed with lots of salt and sugar. Plan your meals for the week and set aside time to cook them- they will taste much better and will be kinder to your body.

Share your delight- If you feel better on the inside and the outside- tell people what's caused the change. You can be positive about your new lifestyle without being judgemental of other people's.

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