Recipe by Adrian Luckie, founder and CEO of Mamas Jerk, Deptford Market Yard - which appear on the menu daily served in their Salads, Cocobuns and Rotis:

Jerk Spiced Vegan Beancakes

Jerk Spiced Vegan Beancakes


  • Sweet Potato x 3 medium size 
  • Grated coconut x 100g
  • Fresh thyme x 1 bunch Chopped 
  • Parsley x 1/4 bunch Chopped 
  • Scotch Bonnet Pepper x 1/2 Chopped 
  • Kidney Beans x 1 small tin 
  • Black Eyed Peas x 1 small tin 
  • Salt & Black Pepper x pinch 
  • Jerk Marinade x 50g
  • Breadcrumbs x 200g (Can be Gluten free)
  • Coconut oil x 6 tablespoons 


  • Roast sweet potatoes in a hot oven or BBQ drum until the skin is crispy and easy to peel for approx 20/30 min 
  • When cooled down mash the potato flesh then add all the additional ingredients except the coconut oil
  • Shape the mash mixture into medium sized cakes then leave in the fridge. If the mixture is not dry enough, add more breadcrumbs
  • In a regular nonstick frying pan, heat up a few spoons of the coconut oil and add the cakes. Cook on each side until golden brown.
  • Serve with a tropical salad - or as a vegan burger filling or in vegetarian wraps. 


Deptford Market Yard, nestled within the renovated historical railway arches adjacent to Deptford station, is London’s latest hidden food and shopping gem. It features an eclectic mix of independents and buzzing creative entrepreneurial start-ups.  Deptford Market Yard builds on the already thriving local market and retail scene, offering a platform for small businesses, many of which are local start ups, to reach a wider audience and for some, the yard provides the first bricks and mortar home for businesses previously operating as pop ups, festival regulars and street food vans.

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