Kelly Brook celebrates her birthday today so we thought we would look back at her PETA ad that reminded us all- 'animals belong in the wild and not in your wardrobe'.

Kelly Brook for PETA

Kelly Brook for PETA

Painted as a snake, model and actress Kelly Brook starred in the ad, shot by Bryan Adams to highlight the suffering reptiles endure to be turned into shoes, handbags, belts and other fashion accessories.

Kelly asks 'whose skin are you in?' to make others think about where the pieces in their wardrobe have come from and to encourage others to shop more mindfully next time.

Snakes are killed for their skins and are often nailed to trees before they are skinned alive and tossed aside because their bodies are no longer useful. The snakes can suffer for days before they die of shock or dehydration.

There is a huge range of both fashionable and cruelty free alternatives like 'fake snake' and 'mock croc' so animals don't have to die if this is the look you're going for.

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