Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson is the PR & Brand Communications Executive at Hotel Chocolat and also a vegan! We caught up with her to talk about vegan chocolate (of couse!), what else she eats and her favurite vegan documentary.

Please tell us when and why you became vegan.

Middle of April this year, I watched Vegucated and straight away I decided I was vegan and haven't looked back. I had been vegetarian for the last 8 years and for about a month before I became vegan I'd stopped drinking cow's milk after reading Deni's interview with you. I can't believe all I've learnt about how these industries treat animals. But also what it's doing to our body and the environment!

What sort of things do you typically eat in a day for vegans who are struggling with ideas?

Falafels, these are favourites and I could eat them every day - it has to be from Cauldron though. Hummus, sweet potato, avocado, fruit, veg. Pinterest is a great way to get ideas!

You work for Hotel Chocolat so have you found it difficult to resist the milk based chocolate while you've been there?

Not at all, it's made it easier. Hotel Chocolat has an amazing range of vegan chocolates so I have such easy access to the best of the best!

What is your favourite vegan chocolate?

Hotel Chocolat 70% dark chocolate batons!

You are well travelled so how do you find eating vegan abroad?

It's actually been so easy, I spend a lot of time in Ibiza and wherever you are there's always somewhere you can eat delicious plant based foods. I find it easier being vegan there than at home!

How did your friends react when you turned vegan?

There were a few negative reactions and people not understanding but I ignore that and advise them to watch 10 Vegucated. My partner James is vegan as well and we started this journey around the same time so we've always had each other's support which is great.

What is your favourite meal to cook at home?

I love experimenting with new dishes, I never really cooked before but now it's given me the opportunity to teach myself. Curries, any form of sweet potato and of course falafel dishes.

What cruelty free product can't you live without?

Coconut oil. You can use it for cooking, skin, lips, hair, everything!

If you had to pick one video people should watch to understand why you're vegan- which would you choose?

Vegucated documentary on Netflix. It's the reason I became vegan and shows you exactly how the industry works as well as showing you the journey of three meat eaters taking on the vegan diet. I don't know how anyone could watch it and still consume animal products.

What is the best excuse you've heard someone say for not being vegan?

I've heard many ridiculous excuses, the main one is that they need protein and you have to get that from meat… when there's an amazing selection of protein sources from plants! What I don't understand is when people don't want to know how these industries actually work, how people can live so unconsciously!

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