Daughter of singer Paul Weller, Leah, has designed a pair of vegan knee-high lace-up boots with Beyond Skin.

Leah Weller

Leah Weller

The boots were allegedly inspired by her father's rock star influence and lifestyle and is in-keeping with this season's biker trend.

They are handmade in Spain using vegan leather with a vegetable polymer coating- ideal for consumers who want style without the sacrifice.

There are now more than half a million vegans in the UK, so the demand for cruelty free fashion is on the rise

"Today's savvy designers and consumers know that you can get must-have pieces without supporting one iota of cruelty", says PETA Director Elisa Allen. "These boots are proof that you can look chic without harming a single cow or any other animal."

"The partnership reflects lots of things I cherish - fashion, lovely footwear, and living cruelty-free - and I for one look forward to stepping out in my very own boots!" adds Weller.

So why go leather and fur free? Undercover exposes have found that animals who are killed for their skins are often castrated, branded, dehorned and their tails are docked. This regularly happens without any pain relief.

Evidence of this is found in the video expose of the leather industry narrated by Stella McCartney.

As well as this, chemicals from the tanneries can pollute the nearby water supply and soil, which can make the nearby residents ill.

The Leah Weller boot is available at www.BeyondSkin.co.uk - and 10 per cent from every sale will be donated to PETA.

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