PETA posted this video which shows the horrors of the leather industry in Septemner 2014. 

There is no need for pain and suffering when it comes to fashion

There is no need for pain and suffering when it comes to fashion

According to PETA, most leather originates from developing countries, such as India and China, where there are no animal welfare laws or ones that are poorly enforced.

In India, a PETA expose found that workers break the tails of cows and rub chilli peppers and tobacco in their eyes. This is all in an effort to make the animals get up and walk once they have collapsed with exhaustion on their journey to the slaughterhouse.

Buying leather means you are supporting factory farms and slaughterhouses. Why? The skin of these animals is the most valuable by-product of the meat industry.

Leather also contributes environmental damage as the toxins used in tanning cause pollution.

For every leather handbag you buy- you are contributing to violence against an animal. Instead- there are hundreds so non-leather alternatives that are entirely cruelty free. Why not make the switch and be confident that your accessory has not caused suffering to any animals?

Warning: This video contains images some may find disturbing

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