What really happens to cows in the dairy industry?

What really happens to cows in the dairy industry?

If you've ever wondered how cheese is made, here is a one-minute video of what life is like for a cow who has her milk used for these products.

Calves that are born on dairy farms are taken away from their mothers at one day old.

Female cows create milk for their babies just as human mums do. Their calves are given milk replacers so their mother's milk can be used for human consumption in the form of cheese and products containing cheese.

Mothers are impregnated every year and each time their babies are stolen from them.

Cows normally live to around 25 years but those who are in the dairy industry will be sent to slaughter after only 4-5 years when their milk production isn't as good as it once was.

While they are being transported to the slaughterhouse, they often go without food, rest or water. Some trips can last for days at a time. By eating cheese, you are also supporting the veal industry as the male calves that are taken away from their mothers are housed in small pens. This limits their exercise and muscle growth. They live like this for around 18 weeks before they are sent to slaughter. For more information go to www.peta.org.


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