When you're a vegan, you have to prepare. You can't just 'pop' into a sandwich shop for something, you have to have snacks in your handbag if you get peckish- or so I thought.

Pret Super Greens and Reds Sandwich

Pret Super Greens and Reds Sandwich

When I was making my way through the crowds in the Trafford Centre on Friday night, my husband asked me if I was hungry. The truth- I was ravenous- but I didn't hold out much hope for the butty I craved in Selfridges.

However, Selfridges boasts a Pret so I thought I might take a look on the off chance there was something while my partner checked out the meat varieties. Other vegans will know what I mean when I say this- the feeling of seeing a vegan logo on an item of food is comparable to nothing else.

Among all the veggie and meat options was a Super Greens and Reds- described as slices of avocado covered with our tapenade made of roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes. We add crunchy red pepper, kalamata olives and a generous handful of spinach. Just the description made my mouth water.

And it was clearly marked as vegan! I thought all my Christmases had come at once.

I paid for it, ripped it open and devoured it as I was walking around (much to the embarrassment of my husband)- and it felt good to be able to do so.

You can't beat bread smothered in avocado, the tapenade gave it a sweet and tanginess against the creaminess of the mashed avocado.

The olives and lemon juice made the sandwich moist and the red pepper and spinach gave it that satisfying crunch! Overall, this was an absolute joy to eat and I will definitely be calling back in when I see another Pret to try their other offering- yes there's two- (Cucumber and Hummus on Rye). This is the best news I've heard all day!

Thanks to Pret for catering for us vegans- it's greatly appreciated!

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