After going vegan, I have to admit- I did miss my fish and chips. My mum and dad used to buy some in every Friday night after shopping so it was a habit I carried on once I left home and consequently a hard one to crack.

Quorn Meat Free Fishless Fingers

Quorn Meat Free Fishless Fingers

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that Quorn released fishless fingers that are wait for it- suitable for vegans. But could they make something that was just as good as the old fish finger sandwich without actual fish? The answer is yes!

The serving suggestion is just 3- but I was greedy and had five with a big pile of chips and mushy peas- sides intended for anything fishy on the plate. I ate the accompaniments and saved the best till last.

Amazingly the ‘meat’ inside was flaky and soft -just what you would want from a piece of fish from the chippy. And it weirdly smelt like a chippy too!

The fingers take a mere fifteen minutes to cook- so by the time you’ve warmed your peas through and fried a few chips, or buttered and dolloped some tomato sauce on your bread- your meal is ready in no time. Perfect if you are a lazy cook or in need of a quick meal.

I took a gamble on these and bought two boxes because I was hoping that they would become a permanent fixture in my freezer. My instincts we right and I am glad I stocked up as I could only find them in my local Tesco which is quite far from my house.

I will continue to buy these every fortnight- even if it means a separate trip because they are so tasty and so easy. I don’t have kids but I’m sure they would go down a treat with them too.   

I am also a member of a slimming group and at just 109 calories per 3 fingers they are waistline friendly too. And not too sinful if you want to sneak a couple more onto the plate. 

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