I have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the plain vegan fillets, so I was a little pessimistic about the breaded fillet when it arrived on the shelves. Nevertheless, I try to sample every new vegan product that’s new to the market on the off chance it will be a staple in my house.

Quorn Vegan Breaded Fillet

Quorn Vegan Breaded Fillet

I have to say, I am jolly glad I did where these are concerned. It does feel lonely when my partner tucks into some breaded chicken or a garlic kiev sometimes- not because I miss meat- but more so the texture. But now, I have these in the house I can join in on breaded food night!

The fillets go great with sweetcorn, chips and lashings of tomato sauce if you are looking to get a mock take out fix with far less calories (it’s only 169 cals per fillet). You could put it in a bun if you really wanted to and get the full experience. Or if you want to go less carby, they are lovely with a dressed salad.

The fillets are easy to prepare too- all you have to do is pop one or two in the oven for twenty minutes and voila- done!

I was disappointed with the plain fillets, but Quorn have more than made up for them with these new additions.

I was pleased to see that this product contains no added sugar, which is often pumped into convenience foods so if you’re vegan and watching your sugar intake- they are a great addition to your freezer.

The coating is fortified too- with calcium, iron, niacin and thiamine, which vegans can have low levels of if they aren’t careful to monitor them. So it’s only a good thing that you can top these nutrients up with mock meats too.

I will definitely buy these again- they are convenient, tasty and I can have two without feeling too naughty! Bonus! 

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