If you’ve been a vegan for a while then you know that cheese alternatives used to be the stuff of nightmares – the type of product that was banished to the back of the fridge in an obscure health food shop. But now, with the vegan diet being increasingly celebrated, brands have been forced to up their game and have developed flavoursome cheese alternatives that won’t leave you wishing you’d never gone vegan.

Less calories

Less calories

So here are 10 reasons why you should also switch to cheese alternatives:

You might be allergic. 70% of the world’s population has some sort of dairy intolerance or allergy which means that it’s more than likely that you could too! Switching to dairy alternatives will aid your digestion, reduce bloating and ease the feeling of nausea that you may feel on a day-to-day basis.

There are not as many calories in dairy alternatives. If you want to lose weight, or if you’re still trying to achieve that smashing summer body then you should definitely consider a switch to dairy alternatives. For example, normal Parmesan cheese contains around 431 calories per 100g but a dairy alternative, such as Violife’s Prosociano contains only 296 per 100g.

Cheese is addictive. A study has shown that cheese contains the same chemicals as some hard drugs, which means that it’s highly addictive and encourages over-eating. So not only do cheese alternatives have a lower calorie content, but they’ll also satisfy your hunger without the need to keep eating.

Dairy free alternatives are more natural. Due to the high demand of dairy, dairy producers often give their cows growth hormones to increase the production of milk – these growth hormones then end up in our morning cups of tea! Dairy free alternatives are made with natural ingredients, so they’re sure to be free from any secret chemicals!

Dairy free alternatives are good for the environment. They use substantially less fossil fuels and water to produce the product compared with the traditional dairy industry. If you want to help the environment – then dairy alternatives should be in your next shopping basket!

Dairy alternatives are better for your skin. Many people who have switched to dairy alternatives have noted that their skin, or acne has improved considerably. Although the link between skin and dairy is unknown. Many experts believe that slight intolerances to dairy could aggravate the skin and cause it to be inflamed. So, if you suffer from acne or bad skin, it might be worth switching to dairy alternatives to see if it benefits you!

Dairy alternatives have been linked to stronger bones. We’ve been told all our lives that we need to drink lots of milk and eat lots of cheese to make sure our bones are stronger.  But, in actual fact, a study by Harvard University has shown that people who get their calcium from dairy alternatives are less likely to suffer fractures.

Low-fat dairy alternatives have been proven to not only prevent heart disease, but also to reverse it. This is because low-fat dairy alternatives have a very low amount of cholesterol and saturated fat – which is great news for your heart!

Cheese alternatives are completely cruelty-free!

It tastes good and there’s now a huge range of products to choose from! A couple of years ago, it was nearly unheard of to find delicious dairy-free alternatives – and when you did, it was a tasteless slice of so-called “cheddar”. But now, it’s all changed. One brand, Violife is set to launch a range of dairy alternatives in September that includes favourites like dairy-free mozzarella, Mediterranean-style cheese and even smoked cheddar!

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