It's important to take notice of what you put in your body- When you go vegan, you have to ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need from plant based foods instead of animal based ones. This makes you pay closer attention to what and how much you're putting into your system and you begin to care a lot more about the quality of your daily intake.

I'm Vegan

I'm Vegan

To be more mindful of the sacrifices made for your food pre-veganism- If you were a meat eater first- it makes you think about all the animals that died to feed you before you made the switch and the pain and suffering they went through.

Animal foods are expertly disguised- It's easy to understand how people can be desensitised when eating meat because it often looks nothing like an animal. It's so processed that people might not consider the living being that died so they could eat it, which is why exposes and footage on factory farms help to show the before.

To be respectful of other's choices- When you decide to go vegan- you hope that your family and friends will support you in your choice- and if they do- it encourages you to be mindful of theirs because everyone is different- each to their own.

When you see a free/loved/wild animal- it's a blessing- If you've watched videos on You Tube of the conditions on factory farms- when you see animals roaming in the outdoors, going about their natural and normal habits or an animal with an owner who adores their pet- it's a wonderful sight to behold.

Research is important- There's so much information on the internet on veganism so it's encouraged to read up on the lifestyle before you start to make sure you educate yourself to live as healthfully as you possibly can.

People can be resistant to change- If you were a meat eater and decide to go vegan- people close to you might not adjust well to the alteration in your eating habits. With that said, if you're prepared to be consistent and informative, they should eventually come around.

Not all restaurants are prepared for vegans- Which is why I would advise you to read the menu online before you eat out and talk to the staff ahead of your visit to find something you can have. Most places are happy to do so if you give them enough notice.

There's a huge community of vegans out there- If you're having a tough time with your family and friends, there are so many people you can go to for help and support- PETA, The Vegan Society, Facebook groups, bloggers- who are happy to assist you with your journey.

Vegans are sometimes misinterpreted in the media- When you say the word 'vegan'- some people think of tree hugging hippies who protest 24/7. This is not the case so it's important not to judge people too quickly based on the stereotypes.

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