We all need a reliable shampoo and conditioner- but it can be tricky to find prodcuts that are both vegan and cruelty free. Here are our top picks so you can rest assured your hair care is always animal friendly.  

Are all your hair products vegan friendly and cruelty free?

Are all your hair products vegan friendly and cruelty free?

Daniel Galvin Jr Organic Hair Care 

The number of people signing up to Veganuary, and committing to a vegan diet for 31 days in January, is on the rise: participants grew by a huge 260% in 2017, with 60,000 people signing up to take the vegan pledge, and of those who took part, an impressive 97% said they felt healthier as a result, with increased energy levels and weight loss.

“There are over half a million vegans in Great Britain; three-and-a-half times as many as estimated in 2006,’ says celebrity hair colourist, Prince’s Trust patron and organic hair pioneer, Daniel Galvin Jr. “A concern over animal welfare, health and the environment has prompted the shift, which is having a knock-on effect within the beauty industry too, with sales of organic and vegan products on the rise.”

Aside from being one of the world’s most sought-after colourists, Daniel has also been at the forefront of the organic beauty movement since its inception, and his latest salon professional hair care collection, OrganicHeadÔ, has already clocked up multiple awards, with rave reviews from both the media and customers, alike.

Rich in hair-healthy essential oils, including aloe vera, orange oil, argan oil and wheat proteins, the OH! collection includes everyday shampoos and conditioners for blondes, brunettes and over-processed hair. It has been tried-and-tested by Daniel’s A-list clients, including Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden and Holly Valance.

Clients at the Belgravia salon claim that using OrganicHeadÔ hair care products increased the longevity of their colour for up to 25% longer. Free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oils and animal ingredients, it is also the only salon professional and organic brand registered with The Vegan Society.

The OrganicHeadÔ! range consists of:

Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.00 each for 250ml

Formulated to care for coloured and natural hair, even if used daily, organic aloe vera gently nourishes the hair from root to tip, whilst organic orange oil soothes dehydrated scalps. It also blends Mediterranean sea salt, organic olive leaf, lemon, vine leaf, organic wild thyme and organic fennel extracts to deliver nutrients back into the hair and scalp.

Detox & Purify Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.00 each for 250ml

Designed to nourish and revitalise tired and over-processed hair, this luxurious shampoo and conditioner features an antioxidant-rich blend of organic extracts blended with essential oils. These ingredients are combined with Mediterranean grape seed oil, coconut, seaweed, Arabian coffee, banana and organic orange oil to detox, purify and rehydrate tired, stressed and over-processed hair.

Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.00 each for 250ml

Naturally enhances and revitalises all types of blonde hair with organic ingredients, including chamomile essential oil to highlight and gradually lighten locks, rhubarb root to help lighten mousy-to-fair hair, lemon to give a sun-kissed look and cassia to add shine and golden colour.

Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.00 each for 250ml

Sea salt and organic aloe vera help nourish the hair from root to tip, whilst organic orange oil soothes a dehydrated scalp. The mix of black tea is used to enhance chestnut tones, sage helps to gradually darken brown hair and elderberry adds richness and lustre, helping to lift brunette shades, whether natural or coloured.

Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.00 each for 250ml

Specially-formulated to add volume to fine and lifeless hair with wheat amino acid, argan oil and almond oil. A unique blend of essential oils is combined with organic aloe vera to add body to the hair, leaving it full and shiny.

Argan Oil Detox Hair Masque - £7.00 for 150ml

This exclusive detox blend of antioxidant-rich argan oil and wheat proteins helps to improve hair elasticity and strengthen lengths and ends. Organic orange oil provides soothing, stimulating benefits for a dehydrated and sensitive scalp, whilst organic aloe vera keeps the hair nourished.

Available to buy from ocado.com, danielgalvinjunior.com and myonlife.co.uk

Organic Shop

Organic Shop is delighted to launch a range of shampoos, conditioners and a hair mask offering volume, strength and shine and proudly containing 99% natural ingredients.

Pamper your hair at home with a choice of fabulous products for healthy, nourished and beautifully shiny hair.

Available at selected Tesco stores nationwide and www.tesco.com


With the Summer in sight, Michael John Guzzon, Art Director of luxury hair and beauty salon Aldo Coppola has put together some helpful tips to get your hair looking beautiful and healthy throughout the hot Summer months. When hair is exposed to heat and high UV, it causes the hair to dry out and weakens the follicles; Aldo Coppola’s Aquamare range holds the solution to all your summer hair needs and its completely natural!

Travelling during summer? Michael John suggest to leave your hairdryer at home! Make the most of the warm weather while you are away and let your hair dry naturally. Even braid your hair so when your hair is completely dry, you are left with a cool wavy effect.

Get your hair beach ready! When enjoying the sun, ensure to protect your hair with a UV protector to reduce any potential damage that can be caused from the sun. Keep hair exposed to the natural elements and tie it into a soft bun instead of leaving it suffocating under a hat.

Not too much salt! Remember to rinse hair of any sea water after a day at the beach. Excess salt can dry out the hair cuticles and scalp, leading to irritation.

Pool time! Many sun worshippers prefer pools to beaches but be sure to protect the hair from chlorine. Chlorine strips the hair of its natural oils (sebum) reducing overall hair flexibility and shine. Keratin within the hair is also damaged, making hair more prone to breakage. Michael John suggests using a nourishing hair mask to reduce chlorine damage and the best way to protect the hair is to always wear a cap in the pool!

Watch this space! The next big Summer hair trend? Michael John says that luscious waves will remain a hot favourite this year, but be ready for BRAID-SUMMER! From fishtails to boxers, we will see it all this year and more! Not a fan of braids? Michael John suggests wearing a turban for those hot summer days on the beach to add a bit of style.

For best results, Aldo Coppola have developed a totally organic range of products to aid hair protection and keep hair nourished and healthy throughout the Summer. Prior to sitting in the sun, Aldo Coppola’s Aquamare Dry Oil hydrates the hair without giving an oily texture and offers protection from the heat. The Aquamare Shampoo and Mask is infused with Algae Bruna extract to nourish and repair the hair after exposure to the sun.

Aldo Coppola Aquamare Shampoo - £26

Aldo Coppola Aquamare Dry Oil - £29

Aldo Coppola Aquamare Mask - £29


Aldo Coppola

70 Sloane Ave, South Kensington, London SW3 3DD


Aldo Coppola

Aldo Coppola is Italy’s No. 1 premium haircare brand and are the only salon brand to exclusively use natural and organic products to keep the hair and body cleansed. Aldo Coppola has 120 salons worldwide and have collaborated with some of the biggest fashion houses including Valentino and Christian Dior as well as working with some elite super models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Aldo Coppola are a regular feature at Milan Fashion Week, partnering with the likes of Emporio Armani at this years A/W 17-18.

Aldo Coppola has also produced some latest products for hair rejuvenation. Producing their own natural, organic products and with spring just around the corner, Aldo Coppola have created a tailored haircare range to rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by winter conditions. Aldo Coppola’s hair products are completely vegan, they do not test on animals nor do they have any animal ingredients.

The Complesso 01 range has a Soothing Mask formulated with eucalyptus to nourish the hair – perfect for hair which has been dried out by harsh winter conditions. The range also includes a Shampoo which adds moisture to the scalp to prevent any further irritation from the cold atmospheric pressures.

Complesso 01 Soothing Shampoo - £29

Complesso 01 Soothing Mask - £39 

Available at:

Aldo Coppola

70 Sloane Avenue

South Kensington



The Problem

Lacklustre, dull hair

The solution

SheaMoisture Superfruit 10-in1 Complex Collection, from £10.99, Boots

This intensive antioxidant-rich range helps perfect and renew vibrancy to brittle, lackluster hair. When using the 1--IN-1 MULTI-BENEFIT HAIR MASQUE weekly, it treats damaged hair while providing anti-aging benefits, colour protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, strength, anti-stress, deep conditioning, softness and shine. Counteract signs of aging by nourishing the scalp with Superfruit Complex and infusing hair with ultra-moisturizing Marula Oil and Biotin. Parabel and sulphate free, never tested on animals.

The Problem

Frizzy, static prone locks

The solution

This lightweight deep conditioning collection instantly hydrates and smoothes while reducing frizz and static. Creates a protective sheathe around each hair cuticle to defend against environmental stressors. Certified organic Shea Butter and Coconut Water blend with a proprietary fusion of Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry and Green Apple Extracts to nourish and energise lifeless hair. Vitamin-rich Imbe Oil helps block humidity to control frizz while Aloe adds weightless shine. Leaves hair marvellously manageable. Sulphate and paraben free, never tested on animals.

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Collection, from £10.99, Boots

The Problem

Dry, frazzled curls

The solution

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Range, from £10.99, Boots

Curly girls will love this all-natural range with Agave Nectar and Flax Seed Oil defines and promotes curls with a soft, smooth finish. Coconut and Flax Seed Oils nourish, hydrate and seal the hair shaft to protect against environmental stressors, and promote natural oil retention. Enriched with Shea Butter, this natural humectant complex moisturizes and conditions leaving hair with a frizz-free, lacquer-like shine. The sweet-smelling range helps to restore natural curl pattern and detangles for bouncy, healthy curls. Cleanses without stripping hair’s natural moisture. Helps to restore natural curl pattern and detangles for bouncy, healthy curls. Winner!

Dead Sea Spa Magik

Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo (320ml, £8.50)

For wonderfully soft hair and a healthy scalp, our mineral-rich shampoo gently cleanses. The natural formulation invigorates the hair and scalp, leaving skin soothed and hair revitalised. The nourishing mineral action balances oil and moisture levels to treat dry or flaky scalps, alleviating dandruff and soothing irritation.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud (150ml, £10)

Re-mineralise your hair and scalp, Conditioning Scalp Mud provides intense conditioning and hydration. Provides relief from dry or irritated scalp, it moisturises deep down to soothe itchy, flaky skin and quench dry scalp. Hair is left feeling soft and smooth, conditioned and flake-free.

They are vegan friendly and main stockists include www.shopforspa.com and Holland & Barrett.


Strong hair conditioning cream - Geranium

Après-shampoing cheveux vigoureux

Botanically sourced


This rich and fragrant conditioner nourishes the hair naturally without buildup. Geranium gives hair vibrant shine, Silk Protein provides nourishing smoothness while Ylang Ylang repairs split ends.


Strengthens - Softens - Balances - Protects –

Stimulates hair growth


Dry - Oily - Damaged - Brittle - Lifeless - Frizzy


£26.00 for 200mls

Available from leading spas nationwide as well as online at www.satyalife.co.uk

Clean hair wash - May Chang

Shampoing cheveux nets

Botanically sourced - Vegan


This balancing wash is gentle enough for all hair types. May Chang and Sweet Basil purify the scalp whilst Red Cedarwood combats excess oil production. Rosemary improves circulation and stimulates hair growth.


Gently cleanses - Calms - Disinfects - Stimulates strong hair growth - Leaves fragrance on hair


Normal - Dry - Oily - Itchy - Devitalized


£21.00 for 200ml.

Available from leading spas nationwide as well as online at www.satyalife.co.uk

Noughty Haircare Range 

The Noughty Haircare Range launched at the end of 2016 exclusively to Superdrug. This playful new brand packs a punch with a range of haircare products to make your hair look and smell amazing. Plus these gorgeous products are totally free from parabens, silicones, SLS and petrochemicals and are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian and vegan. Each product in the Noughty range is priced at £6.99 and available in Superdrug and online at noughtyhaircare.com.

The range includes: 

  • Rise & Shine – gloss and lustre for normal and dry hair
  • Care Taker – tlc for dandruff and sensitive scalps
  • To the Rescue – nourishment for frizzy, damaged hair
  • Wave Hello -  super smoothing for curly and wavy hair
  • Detox Dynamo – 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to tackle product build up and stressed hair


Gentle Herb Shampoo - £12.00

Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo - £12.00

Vernon Francois 

Vernon Francois, A-list hairstylist to the likes of Lupita N’yongo, Ruth Negga has launched his new hair care range designed specifically for people with curly, textured hair, and damaged hair.

Vernon understands this comes in lots of different forms, coily, kinky, wavy, curly, damaged etc.  

  • Curl Command, for wavy, loose, tight and corkscrew curly hair types;
  • ReVamp nurturing formulas for damaged heat or chemically treated hair, in need of intensive care.

The range is available at Net-a-Porter and on Vernon’s website: https://uk.vernonfrancois.com/

MOISTREPAIR Shampoo (£13.70)

This thirst quenching shampoo repairs damaged hair without weighing it down, leaving it with a luxuriously silky feel.

MOISTREPAIR Conditioner (£14.50)

Infused with creamy aloe and vanilla, this conditioner quenches, revitalises and moisturises dry, damaged and stressed hair.

Arbonne Fortifying Crème Conditioner

Part of Arbonne’s Pure Vibrance collection

  • Arbonne’s exclusive ColorLast Technology maximises colour longevity while providing softness and shine.
  • Formulated using fortifying ingredients that help prevent strands from further breakage and damage, conditioner restores needed moisture to chemically treated hair.
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • £26.00 – www.arbonne.com

Lustre Fortifying Shampoo

Fortify dull or chemically treated hair using Arbonne’s Lustre Fortifying Shampoo

Get luminous, healthy and shiny hair  

Formulated using ColorLast Technology to help retain colour vibrancy for up to 20 washes

Gluten Free


£26.00 – www.arbonne.com

Bio-Fresh Organic Jojoba Shampoo, £4.99, www.justbeauty.co.uk

Bio-Fresh Jojoba shampoo restores lost moisture, nourishes, refortifies and supports growth for strong healthy hair. Our improved formula protects, revitalizes and repairs the hair and scalp, penetrates deep in sun-damaged hair to reconstruct it from within,

Bio-Fresh All-In-One Conditioner, £5.99, www.justbeauty.co.uk

Bio-Fresh All-in-One conditioner revitalizes dry, over processed hair. Its naturally organic ingredients moisturize, smooth out and leave scalp shiny lustrous. Hair will not only look naturally beautiful; and strong on the outside but also healthy from the root to the tips.

benecos NATURAL SHAMPOO - Nettle & Melissa (£4.95)

Benecos Natural Hair Shampoo with refreshing lemony melissa and nettle is a mild and gentle effective shampoo recommended for all hair types. The lemony smell of melissa is immediately refreshing and leaves your hair with a subtle scent. The unique blend of the benecos seven organic plant extracts give your hair more strength and shine. This shampoo is vegan, BDIH certified and contain the benecos organic mix of seven selected plant extracts produced by controlled organic farming. It contains natural Alpine spring water.

Benecos Natural Hair Conditioner - Melissa - 150ml - For all hair types (£4.95)

Benecos Natural Hair Conditioner with the refreshing lemony-minty aroma of melissa combined with organic jojoba oil and the precious benecos organic ingredient mix of selected plant extract to hydrate, nourish, strengthen, soften, smooth and give shine to your hair. The special hair conditioner formula helps to improve the overall condition of your hair and also making your hair easier to comb. 

Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo 250ml £5.49

  • Tropical coconut shampoo
  • 100% naturally fragranced
  • With organic coconut oil

Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo; containing Organic Coconut Oil, and exploding with aromas to enrich your senses and soothe your day. This shampoo is a tropical holiday for your hair and scalp!

Faith in Nature Coconut Conditioner 250ml £5.49

  • Tropical coconut conditioner
  • Contains organic coconut oil
  • Naturally fragranced

Faith in Nature Coconut Conditioner contains Organic Coconut Oil. It's exploding with natural, tropical aromas to enrich your senses and soothe your day. This conditioner is a tropical holiday for your hair and scalp!

Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner 

Urtekram has a range of vegan shampoos and conditioners to suit most hair types.  The Aloe Vera range is designed to moisturise dry hair and the range includes a regenerating Spray Conditioner for more manageable locks.

Urtekram shampoos are priced £4.99, conditioners are £5.49 and spray conditioners are £4.49, from all good independent health food retailers.  From March, Urtekram Shampoos and Conditioners will also be available in larger Tesco stores.



Coconut Oil Shampoo

Give hair a boost of weightless moisture with this hydrating coconut oil extract formula. A lightweight nourishing cleanse for super-soft, super shiny hair.

Apply shampoo to wet hair from roots to ends. Gently massage and work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

For best results, follow with COCO-LICIOUS Coconut Oil Conditioner.

£3.50/350ml Exclusive to Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Vegan friendly.

Coconut Oil Conditioner

Experience the hydrating wonders of coconut oil with this lightweight conditioner. Light-as-air hair with a bright, pure shine.

For best results, first use COCO-LICIOUS Coconut Oil Shampoo.

Massage conditioner through the hair, working from root to tip.

If you have time, leave on for two minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Gently towel dry and style as usual.

£3.50/250ml Exclusive to Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Vegan friendly.

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