If you’re not careful, breakfast can turn into the same thing every day- and you will probably get bored and uninspired by your choice of food in the mornings. Here are some vegan alternatives that are way more exciting than toast. 



Pip and Nut 

Pip & Nut today announces the launch of their new flavours; a Limited Edition Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut Butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Crunchy Almond Butter all launching at 340 Sainsbury’s stores from 5th June.  All new variants will also launch at Ocado.com and Wholefoods this June.

The new additions bring the Pip & Nut portfolio to eight, with the Crunchy Maple Peanut Limited Edition also becoming a permanent line due to the product's soaring popularity.  As with the existing range, the new nut butters feature only the highest quality natural ingredients, with absolutely no refined sugars or palm oil, and are packed with protein and a great source of natural energy.

The launches follow a phenomenal start to 2017 for the all-natural nut butter brand, whose Founder Pippa Murray, launched her debut cookbook in January.  The brand is now on track to turnover in excess of £6m this year, an increase of 100% year on year, as the category continues to explode. 

The Limited Edition Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut Butter (RRP. £3.95) , Crunchy Peanut Butter (RRP. £2.30) and Crunchy Almond Butter (RRP. £3.95) launch at Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods and Ocado.com in June.  

MOMA Coconut & Chia Porridge

A recent addition to the MOMA family, Coconut & Chia Porridge contains a delicious blend of jumbo and fine gluten free oats combined with coconut milk powder, coconut pieces and crunchy chia seeds to create an intensely creamy and satisfying pot of instant porridge that packs a punch!

This porridge is both gluten and dairy free. Plus there's no added sugar!

£1.49 for a 60g pot, stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.

Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli Raspberry and Blackcurrant 

With warmer weather on the horizon and overnight oats continuing to be the most popular breakfast option, Dorset Cereals’ Bircher Muesli mix is the perfect choice for keeping on trend this summer. The Raspberry & Blackcurrant (vegan friendly) - mix provides easy-eating, light comfort food that can be enjoyed throughout the sunnier seasons.

The Raspberry and Blackcurrant Bircher Muesli mix oozes a strong fruity taste, combining sliced apple, dried raspberries and blackcurrants that will tantalise taste buds and is high in vital anti-oxidants.

The Bircher Muesli mix can be used as a base for any type of recipe – whether fruity or nutty. The finely milled oats and dried fruit can be soaked with plant-based milk, to achieve a creamy rich taste, or for the more adventurous food palate, apple juice creates a sweeter fresh flavour. Just to add texture, simply top with fresh fruit, seeds and yoghurt.

Of The Earth Power Pots

Porridge pots with a difference, Of The Earth’s Power Pots’ ingredients list reads like the shelf of a health food store, with baobab powder, goji berries, lucuma, beetroot powder, spirulina, matcha, maca, and cacao being just a few of the superfoods making an appearance.

The result is a nutritional powerhouse of a porridge pot, which not only offers a healthy start to the day, but, being jammed with high quality protein, healthy fats and fibre, also makes the perfect post gym recovery snack or mid work day pick me up.

It’s not just the ingredients list that’s super either, the pots have a taste to match. Using gluten free fine oats as their base means that by simply adding hot or cold water (no milk needed) you create a creamy cereal that’s ready to go. With three different flavours in the range, Power of Green, with green tea, spirulina and barley grass, Power of Red, with strawberry, goji and beetroot, and Power of Brown, with cacao and maca, Of The Earth redefine ‘porridge’ and there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

The pots, which are certified with the Coeliac Society, are pretty super when it comes to the environment too. Registered organic and coming in recyclable tubs with a bio spoon, which can be thrown on the compost heap when you’re done, the pots are handmade in the UK in a factory powered purely by solar power.

Whether you’re looking at their ingredients, taste or eco credentials, it’s pretty hard to argue the Power Pots don’t deserve the super tag!

For more details visit www.otesuperfoods.com. Now available from Amazon, Planet Organic, direct from the OTE website and local health stores.


Orgran, Quinoa Porridge

Orgran, Quinoa Porridge available in 3 flavours (Original/Apple/Cinnamon & Berry) breathing life back into the first part of your day; all varieties are high in fibre and low in fat. 

Made with quinoa and a blend of wholegrain, the range consists of 7 sachets, perfect for work and keeping at your desk. RRP: £4.99 sold at Ocado (online).

Lizi's Granola 

"I have been making Granola for over twenty years now, refining and adapting the recipe as I went along. This granola is the result, and takes into account the many requests I received for a wheat free version. I’ve lost count of the number of cereals I’ve tried over the years and, for me, my granola is the only one that satisfies me so I’m not reaching for the biscuit barrel by mid-morning." 

"Gently toasted pecans were chosen for this Granola for their lovely warm, golden taste, and are balanced with black treacle for an added rich, dark flavour. This Granola was category winner at the Great Taste Awards in 2009, so you know it’s good!!"  

"I have developed this product for the entire family, not just the body builders. Protein is necessary for growing youngsters as well as the elderly who need to protect themselves from muscle loss. A single 50g serving will give you 27% of your daily protein needs, but it still has a the top-quality taste and texture which made lizi’s famous. I have only used vegetable protein, mainly from GM-free soya so that like all my granolas this is suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

Pollen and Grace 

Warming beetroot + raw cacao bircher with a hint of cayenne pepper. This tasty pot will give you an energizing and uplifting start to the day thanks to the beetroot and cayenne. £3.95

Cherry and almond compote with a creamy coconut porridge. Gluten free oats and toasted almond flakes make this a filling, healthy breakfast choice which is rich in fibre and low GI. £3.95

Hooba No Meat Sausage


8 Pack

Beautifully succulent meat free sausages gently seasoned with Apple and Sage. Hooba expertly blend mushrooms and seasoning to create their meat free sausages that will get any mouth-watering.

Perfect for vegans, vegetarians or simply those looking to cut down on their meat consumption, Hooba’s products are made entirely from a blend of exotic mushrooms (grown right here in the UK) that look and taste just like meat.

Nature's Finest Mango Slices 

On a mission to make life a little fruitier, Nature’s Finest, the UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand has launched Mango Cheeks. Delicious slices of chunky mango, now available in 700g fridge packs. Launching into Asda in January, the new slices are sure to brighten up cakes, bakes and breakfasts.

Bakers young and old can enjoy the wonder of these nutritious slices, and as a source of vitamin A, C and fibre they’re a welcome addition to any culinary creation. Ideal for parents looking for a convenient and tasty way to increase the families’ fruit consumption, Nature’s Finest is a staple for any household. 

All Nature’s Finest fruits are picked and packed at the peak of  ripeness, locking in the all-important vitamins, minerals and naturally sweet taste, filled to the brim with juice and no added sugar.

The new Nature’s Finest 700g Mango Slices are available now in Asda with an RRP of £2.50 

Dorset Cereals Ultimate Adventures Collection 

The Ultimate Adventures collection will transport you somewhere special at breakfast with two delicious variants, including the Peruvian-inspired ‘Machu Picchu’ and ‘American Road Trip’, designed to evoke the laid back cool of America’s legendary Route 66.

These mueslis will not only bring great taste to your breakfast bowl, but a touch of wanderlust with an array of new and exciting tastes and textures. The Machu Picchu recipe draws inspiration from the famous Inca citadel and will transport your taste buds with its creamy brazil nuts, tangy goldenberries, dark chocolate and delicious coffee taste. The American Road Trip will take you on a sensory adventure along Route 66, with its zippy cranberries, crunchy almonds and sweet-scented orange zest.

The Dorset Cereals Ultimate Adventures are 600g of breakfast inspiration, with a balanced combination of alluring flavours and wholesome ingredients - best enjoyed with milk, yoghurt, or if you’re feeling maverick – fruit juice! Both variants are available in Waitrose from 6th February at an RRP of £4.79.

For more information on Dorset Cereals please visit: https://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk.



FUEL10K granola is an awesome energy provider with protein, fibre and vitamins all there to make your day a little easier to handle. RRP £2.69. Stockists include ASDA and Tesco.


Our super-sized cereal biscuits are packed with vitamins and high in protein, iron and tons of fibre as well as being 100% wholegrain wheat. RRP £2.69. Stockists include ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Original Porridge Sachets

Brilliantly blended porridge sachets ready in 3 minutes in the microwave or on the hob.

The Original Porridge Sachets are made using our own, unique blend of premium Scottish oats. They're great on their own or topped with fresh fruit and alpro.

Oats are packed with protein, fibre and omega-3 so these wee grains get a big thumbs up for providing a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

Wheat free. Dairy free. No added sugar. Nothing but oats, wonderful oats!


Cherry and Berry Spelt Flakes 

Sharpham Park, the champion of British spelt, is delighted to announce the launch of Cherry & Berry Spelt Flakes. Bursting with cherries, raspberries and blackberries, the flakes are full of flavour and a good source of slow release energy; a delicious breakfast for the whole family to enjoy. This tempting new cereal will be available in Waitrose and online at www.sharphampark.com from February 2017.

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